Carnivore - drone interceptor

In Russia, developed the first domestic UAV "Karnivora", the purpose of which is to destroy their own kind. This is the first impact UAV, capable of intercepting other drones and use high-explosive bombs. He is currently undergoing flight tests.

According to TASS, the new small-class UAV has a lot of opportunities, both flight and combat. In particular, he can start from unprepared sites and slowly patrol the territories entrusted to him for 10-15 hours. In addition, it is also endowed with such a unique function as the reconnaissance of targets, for example, the mortar and anti-aircraft positions of the enemy.

And "Carnivore" can throw a network to intercept quadrocopters. And, of course, equipped with compartments for fragmentation bombs and mine bombs. According to the developers, the new UAV will be a significant step towards the progress of domestic UAVs.

Note, the wingspan of the new drone is 5 meters, the maximum take-off weight is 40 kg, the flight speed is up to 150 km / h.

It is noteworthy that it can perform combat missions even under the influence of enemy radio-suppressing devices and with the loss of satellite navigation signals.

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