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Georgia supplies medical armored vehicles to Indonesia

The head of the Georgian Defense Ministry’s military science and technology center Delta Ucha Dzidzuashvili, during his report on the results of the center’s activities on December 27, stated that, among other achievements, Delta had an agreement with Indonesia on the manufacture and supply of Didgori armored evacuation vehicles.

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Mi-8 and Mi-17 will be assembled in Kazakhstan

A large-unit assembly of Mi-8AMT / Mi-171 helicopters will be conducted in Kazakhstan on the basis of Aviation Repair Plant No. 405 JSC. A few days ago, an agreement was signed between the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" and the National Company Kazakhstan Engineering JSC. According to the document, it is planned to create a system for supporting the life cycle of helicopters and supplying 45 helicopter kits until 2025.

China began to export military air defense lasers

As practice shows, laser weapons have lost their fantastic status and are already withdrawing from the promising section. On the eve of the New Year, the portal announced that the Chinese corporation CASIC announced the start of export supplies of the LW-30 laser machine. However, in the Chinese corporation their brainchild is not called a blaster, distancing itself from the tradition of science fiction writers.

TsNIITOCHMASH began to develop the "Warrior-3"

The kit of the perspective combat ammunition "Warrior-3" will include personal recognition systems "friend - foe". This was announced by the general director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH, part of the Rostec State Corporation) Albert Bakov.

Tank T-34-85: modification of the famous "thirty-four"

The Soviet T-34 tank is rightfully considered a Victory weapon. The history of the appearance of the T-34 The appearance of the Soviet T-34 was caused by the need for a tank equipped with counter armor, powerful engine and armament - which was well recognized by the leadership of the Soviet country in the late 1930s. The story of the birth of the T-34 is interesting and complex, many books have been written about it.

Helicopter RAH 66 Comanche

The contract for the development of RAH-66 Сomanche was obtained by a joint team of firms "Sikorskay" and "Voing" in 1991. The developers were tasked to create a helicopter capable of using advanced digital communications to conduct priority reconnaissance of such targets as: command posts, ballistic missile positions, communication centers located in the depths of the enemy’s territory.

How to choose a tourist knife

The most important tool in any campaign is the tourist knife (unless you count axes, of course). Any knife can be useful in the forest, but it is better to have a multifunctional knife or a set of highly specialized ones. A person who knows how to handle a blade will find use for any blade, and even the best powder steel knives will not help an inexperienced tourist.

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Norwegian drones help French intelligence

The French Ministry of Defense recently concluded a contract for the supply of several sets of Black Hornet 3 miniature UAVs from Norway to the country's armed forces. The cost of the transaction amounted to 89 million dollars. The Black Hornet drones are individual reconnaissance complexes. That is, they are attached either to the unit of the fighters, or to each soldier individually.

Police will shoot down drones from "Squeal"

Russian law enforcement officers at the beginning of this year will receive about 200 sets of Pishchal electronic guns and Ratnik multifunctional complexes to fight unmanned aerial vehicles. This was told in the state corporation "Rostec". As clarified in the "Rostekh", kits to combat drones will be delivered during the first half of the year for the needs of the police and the Rosguard.

Biplane An-2: Review of the Soviet "Kukuruznik"

The twentieth century became an era when aviation penetrated many spheres of human activity and the aircraft became an indispensable assistant. Since about the twenties, airplanes have been actively used to transport passengers and cargo. The aircraft industry was also actively developing in the Soviet Union: famous design bureaus and aircraft factories worked.

Will Russia threaten everyone from under the ice?

Whatever you may say, the Russian military-industrial complex is the most creative in the world. Over the years, the word "Sarma" meant a domestic furniture-mattress brand (by the way, Sarma is a type of wind on Baikal), until the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation thought about creating a drone submarine under this name.

University Clinic Freiburg - 250 years

World-class specialists work at the University of Freiburg, Germany’s oldest university clinic, which is a public medical facility. The Cancer Center, which is part of a multi-structured complex, is one of the three most reputable specialized institutions in the country. One of the features of the cancer center is the treatment of severe and complex cancer pathologies.

Iran has tested a 1000-kilometer ballistic missile

Iran has revealed a novelty to the world community - its own ground-to-ground ballistic missile called Disful. The range of its flight is 1000 km. True, it cannot get as far as the main regional enemy, Israel, because there is at least 1,500 km from Iran to Iran in a straight line. In the foreseeable future, Iran’s defense plants will begin mass production of intelligent missiles, which incorporate the latest advances in science and technology - as evidence of the growing capabilities of the country's technology.

MLRS "Tornado-G" entered the international market

From official representatives of "Rostec" it became known that the rocket launcher system (MLRS) "Tornado-G" received a documentary basis for the possibility of entering the international weapons market. “It is supposed that the system will attract foreign customers, replacing Grad systems used by more than 50 countries of the world in the future,” was announced during the speech.

For Venezuela, now not only "Kalashnikov"?

Russia completed the main arms deals with Venezuela before the political crisis in this country began. To date, according to the remaining agreements with Caracas, Russia is supplying spare parts and is engaged in the construction of facilities for the production of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Recall that more than seven years, from 2010 to 2017, Venezuela ranked eighth among importers of Russian weapons.

Airbus A320: narrow-body passenger aircraft

Airbus A320 - narrow-body passenger aircraft, developed by concern Airbus. Serial production of the liner continues from 1987 to our days. The cabin review and layout of the best seats The Airbus A320 with a two-class passenger cabin layout (business and economy) accommodates 150 passengers.

Yak-9: the most massive Soviet fighter of the Great Patriotic

Я - «Як»-истребитель, мотор мой звенит, Небо - моя обитель, А тот, который во мне сидит, Считает, что он - истребитель. Владимир Высоцкий Первые два года войны стали тяжелым испытанием для Красной армии и всего советского государства. Серьезнейшему экзамену подверглась и боевая техника, созданная в довоенный период, - танки, артиллерийские системы, самолеты.

Russian Su-39 attack aircraft: the new birth of a “flying tank”

Su-39 is a promising Russian attack aircraft, the development of which began in the Sukhoi Design Bureau in the late 80s. This combat vehicle is the result of a deep modernization of the famous “flying tank” - the Soviet Su-25 attack aircraft. And if to speak more precisely, it was created on the basis of one of the modifications of the aircraft - the Su-25T, designed to destroy tanks and other enemy armored vehicles.

All hands on deck! Or something about sailor's knives

This is due to the rounded tip of the blade. Judging by the revelations of adventure writers, this is done in order to make the fights in port taverns less traumatic. That is just to achieve its goal mount reconstructors failed. The butt of the knife was rounded off to the point, but some no pointed part remained.