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When does Russia activate the Dead Hand?

As we all remember, the head of Russia once at a meeting with journalists, responding to Russia's readiness for a nuclear conflict, said that the attacker was the first to die on Russia, not having time to repent. No matter how they commented on the words of Vladimir Putin, however, this was not a joke, but a reminder of the notorious “Perimeter” system, nicknamed “Dead Hand” in the NATO states.

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North of Syria: one step away from global war

The situation in the north of Syria is increasingly heating up. The United States, Russia and Turkey continue to strengthen their military groups in the region and exchange formidable statements. Not so long ago, the Americans declared about the upcoming use of chemical weapons by government troops, and promised not to let this go unpunished.

NATO military bases are much closer to the Russian borders than you think

Last week in the former Soviet, and now proud and independent republic of Estonia, a solemn opening ceremony of the United American-Estonian military base Emari was held. The creation of the first such military facility in the Eastern European state was fully funded under the European Deterrence Initiative program, adopted many years in advance, the purpose of which is to keep the Russian Federation from attempting aggression in neighboring countries.

Kama truck tractor 6x6 KAMAZ-65225

Kamaz-65225 is a Kama heavy-duty tractor, which is famous for its robust design, high traffic and versatility. This is ensured by a modern, economical engine, 6x6 wheelbase, an innovative manual transmission and low fuel consumption. General information Kamaz-65225 truck tractor with a special fifth wheel coupling device with three levels of freedom.

Bell P-63 Kingcobra Fighter Bomber

Technical characteristics (sample of 1943) Years of manufacture: 1943-1945. Delivered under Lend-Lease in the USSR: 2400 pcs. Combat use: World War II. Crew - 1 person. Take-off weight - 4.7 tons. Length - 9.96 m, height - 3.2 m, wing span - 11.6 m. Armament: 37-mm cannon, 4x12.7-mm machine gun, bombs.

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The militarization of Japan: weapons and politics

During the time that has passed since 1947, both the militaristic buildup and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor have been forgotten. The land of the rising sun is considered peaceful and harmless. Nevertheless, within the framework of the new strategy, called “proactive pacifism”, military power is being actively built up, military policy, the economy, and the defense industry are developing.

Agenda in the draft board - what to do a recruit

If you have a summons to the military registration and enlistment office, do not be upset, just started recruiting company. Military service is not a sentence, much less a man must be a defender of his country. If you really do not want to go to the military enlistment office on the agenda, it is better to come up with a plan in advance how to avoid the consequences of failure to appear.

China stamps combat unmanned helicopters

China's industry provides the world market with goods for various purposes. The active growth of the country's economy allows local scientists to concentrate on the production of combat drone unmanned helicopters. Moreover, there is almost no competition in this area, except for the American Northrop attack aircraft and there is no one.

Nebelwerfer German Multi-Barrel Mortars: History and Application

In the USSR, there was an opinion that multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) were exclusively Soviet "know-how", and the Germans could not do anything like that. This is not entirely true. The Katyusha was not unique; several different MLRS systems were in service with the German army, although they differed from their Soviet counterparts.

Kalashnikov "became a fashion designer for the warriors of the north of Russia

Concern "Kalashnikov" started testing equipment and equipment, designed to conduct combat operations in extremely low temperatures. The project was named "Nanook". The equipment is tested in three autonomous districts of the north of Russia: Khanty-Mansiysk, Yamalo-Nenets and Taimyr. The tests took place at a temperature of minus 47 degrees Celsius, wind speeds of about 25 m / s and humidity rapidly approaching 100%.

Nuclear bomb: atomic weapons on guard of the world

The emergence of such powerful weapons as a nuclear bomb, was the result of the interaction of global factors of an objective and subjective nature. Objectively, its creation was caused by the rapid development of science, which began with the fundamental discoveries of physics in the first half of the twentieth century. The strongest subjective factor was the military-political situation of the 40s, when the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition — the United States, Great Britain, and the USSR — tried to outrun each other in the development of nuclear weapons.

Russian "Penicillin" will cure any army from aggressiveness

In Russia, the tests of the new military artillery sound-thermal complex of military intelligence called "Penicillin" were successfully completed. In a year, a couple of samples of the complex will already be delivered to the ground forces of the Russian army. The duties of the artillery reconnaissance complex 1B75 Penicillin include the search for firing positions of artillery pieces, mortars and enemy volley fire systems.

SIG Sauer P226: the story of the appearance

The gun sig sauer p226 is the development of the German-Swiss company Sieg Sauer, which has been developing, manufacturing and upgrading small arms for more than 150 years. SIG is now part of the Lüke & Ortmeier Gruppe holding. The history of the emergence and company Zig Sauer The year of foundation of the company "Zig" is considered to be 1853.

Russia added sanctions to Ukraine

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently signed another package of counter-sanctions against Ukraine. He announced this on his Twitter page. As the Russian Prime Minister noted, this was done to protect the interests of the Russian state, companies and citizens of Russia. The sanctions list has been extended to more than 200 individuals and organizations operating in Ukraine.

British East India Company

The British East India Company is a private corporation that came to light in December 1600 to strengthen the British presence in the lucrative trade in Indian spices, previously monopolized by Spain and Portugal. The company eventually became an extremely influential agent of British imperialism in South Asia and the de facto colonial government of much of India.

Radiation: the main characteristics and the most popular misconceptions

Radioactivity refers to nuclear shakiness in some atoms. It can manifest itself in their susceptibility to spontaneous transformations (to use the scientific term - decays), accompanied by the generation of ionizing radiation, in other words - radiation. The energy component of such emissions is quite significant, as a result, it can affect substances with the process of creating new ions of various signs.

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