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Rapture: what a real commando should be

The right to wear a krapovoi beret is considered to be the subject of extraordinary pride of the special forces of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and putting on the maroon beret can, in all likelihood, be considered the most difficult challenge for all military personnel of the internal troops and for the officers of special forces of the internal affairs bodies.

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Israeli military use dolphins to spy on Palestine

Relatively recently, Palestinian media reported that Israeli military structures were using trained dolphins to observe the teachings of an elite maritime unit belonging to Hamas. From the information received it became known that one dolphin was caught in the Mediterranean Sea near the Gaza Strip.

Small watercraft GAZ-011

The small watercraft GAZ-011 is one of the first domestic military amphibious vehicles. The main developers of the project were the Moscow Research Automotive Institute and the staff of the Gorky Automobile Plant. In the army, the new machine received the designation - a small water vehicle (abbreviated MAV).

PKR P-700 Granite: anti-ship missile

If during the Cold War era, the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries paid more attention to the development of ground forces and the improvement of rocket weapons, then aircraft carriers became the symbol of US military power and NATO. The carrier strike group (AUG) was and remains the main strike force of the US Navy, which allowed this country to conduct military operations anywhere in the world.

IL-112 - light transport aircraft at the design stage

IL-112 is a light Russian transport aircraft, which is currently at the design stage. The development is conducted by the aviation complex named after S. Ilyushin. History of development Already by the end of the 1980s, the Soviet Army needed a new, more reliable and powerful transport aircraft for the transport of goods, as well as personnel of subunits.

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North of Syria: one step away from global war

The situation in the north of Syria is increasingly heating up. The United States, Russia and Turkey continue to strengthen their military groups in the region and exchange formidable statements. Not so long ago, the Americans declared about the upcoming use of chemical weapons by government troops, and promised not to let this go unpunished.

Chinese engineers have developed an electric motor for the railgun

Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has come to the final stage of developing new electric motors. They are intended for use in railguns and installations for launching ballistic missiles. According to information from the publication Global Times, several copies are already at the disposal of one of the military structures.

Who are the United States afraid to leave the INF Treaty?

As we all know, our overseas partners in the nuclear disarmament race have announced that they will withdraw from the treaty on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles, the so-called INF, in the foreseeable future. Well, as usual, they blamed Russia for everything. They say that we did not observe something there again.

V. Putin: Russia must actively re-equip

By 2021, in the country's armed forces, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the army and navy should be at least 70%. This task was presented by the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to the leaders of the weapons concerns of our country at a meeting on state defense orders in Sochi. Such a large-scale improvement of the weapons of the Russian army will allow it to solve the whole complex of modern and promising tasks facing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Overview of the American tank T-34 (Heavy Tank T34)

The American T 34 is a heavy tank developed in the USA in 1945. It is an upgrade of the T-30 tank. The history of this model began when the US military decided to equip one of the prototypes of the T-29 with a 120 mm cannon used in the model T 53. The resulting hybrid was given the designation T 34, but later, after the end of the second world war, work on modernization was extremely slow.

TNT: history of creation, features of use, physical and chemical properties

Trotyl (trinitrotoluene, 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, tol, TNT) is a type of blasting explosive (BB), first synthesized by the German chemist Vilbrand in the distant 1863. Nowadays, TNT is the No. 1 explosive in the world; it is not only used more often to equip various ammunition, but it is also used as an equivalent for other types of explosives and even nuclear warheads.

The development of a hypersonic engine for a space bomber began in Russia

The design will consist of two circuits, which will allow combining rocket and aircraft engines. This feature makes it possible to fly not only in the atmospheric layers, but also in space. Currently in Russia there is not even an analogue of this development. It is assumed that the first tests will begin in 2020.

Nerve gases: sarin, soman, herd and VX

On April 22, 1915, a strange yellowish-green cloud moved from the German positions to the trenches in which the French-British troops were stationed. After a few minutes, it reached the trenches, filling every hole, any depression, flooding the funnels and trenches. The incomprehensible greenish fog first caused the soldiers surprise, then fear, but when the first clouds of smoke enveloped the area and made people gasp, the troops were filled with real horror.

US Navy aircraft carriers: names, types and specifications

Prominent American military theorist Rear Admiral Alfred Mahan once said that the navy influences politics by the very fact of its existence. This statement is hard to argue. For several centuries England was the most powerful maritime power in the world, the borders of the British Empire were drawn by the outposts of its warships.

Why riot police and special forces do not rest the butt in the shoulder?

Ordinary man in the street, who, nevertheless, familiar with the topic of firearms, will be puzzled to see such a photo. Having made the most hasty conclusions, we can say that the special forces in the photo simply do not use weapons correctly. But the specifics of the use of a firearm may vary depending on the specific combat mission, the format of the battle, and even the types of troops.

Boeing 727 - overview and specifications of passenger aircraft

Boeing 727 is a narrow-body passenger liner, developed by the same company in 1963. Overview of the layout of the best seats in the cabin Passenger capacity of the aircraft Boeing 727 ranges from 131 to 189 people (depending on which version of the layout of the cabin and the model of the aircraft). The most common is the two-class layout of the cabin, and, therefore, it will be considered in more detail.