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India buys 21 more MiG-29s from Russia

India intends to purchase another batch of 21 MiG-29 fighters from Russia. Negotiations are already underway. The transaction price - 847 million dollars. Each plane will cost customers about 40 million units of American money. Also in this amount will include weapons, equipment and personnel training. Recall that the MiG corporation has been cooperating with India for over half a century.

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Tikka T3: Finnish hunting rifle

The crisis of 1998 in Russia has affected many things. An exception was not the rifled weapon, which was then divided into two large groups: cheap, produced in Russia, and expensive, produced abroad. The average price category for which there was the greatest demand was occupied by Czech carbines CZ and Zbrojovka.

Hungary will replace the Russian "Mi" helicopters on the French-German H-225M

Hungary, as part of the modernization of its armed forces, is replacing Russian Mi-8 / Mi-17 helicopters with Airbus Helicopters H225M helicopters. The Hungarian armed forces are switching from the Soviet Mi helicopters to the European-made H-225M Airbus helicopters. In total, the country will be delivered 16 multi-purpose helicopters equipped with a modular weapon control system HForce.

Sharpening knives: recommendations of experts

Sharpening knives - an inevitable process for any person. Despite the routine of this procedure, many not only do not know how to properly sharpen a knife, but also pass on their "experience" to friends and acquaintances. There is an opinion that the correct sharpening of knives is relevant only for blades of expensive steel, and a simple kitchen knife can be sharpened with a simple household sharpener for 200-300 rubles.

The newest training helicopters Ansat-U

Ansat-U is a light multipurpose training helicopter, the main goal of which is practical training in piloting skills of young pilots. This model was created on the basis of the famous Ansat helicopter, which was born in 1997. At the moment, thanks to the active development of the new flying machine and the understanding of its structure, adjustments are made to the drawings of the helicopter itself.

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Deadly bite "Boa"

Demonstration performances of the new boa pistol took place in Podolsk near Moscow. The highlight of the event was a shot that from a distance of 50 meters struck a steel plate four millimeters thick. The new pistol complex "Boa" caliber 9 mm should in the foreseeable future replace the legendary "PM". The capacity of the clip of the new pistol is 18 rounds (at the base Makarov pistol - 8).

Deck plane SU-33 fighter

The first demonstration of the Su-33 was held in Zhukovsky during the Aviation Day celebration in August 1991. Aerobatic testing, namely take-off from the nasal springboard followed by a horizontal landing using aerofinishers, was demonstrated by test pilot Pugachev in November 1989.

Mi-35 - a worthy representative of Russian attack helicopters

Mi-35 is a modernized version of the Mi-24 helicopter. This attack helicopter is produced both for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense and for export. The main tasks assigned to this combat vehicle are: the destruction of enemy armored vehicles; fire support of ground and amphibious units; evacuation of the wounded and sick; transportation of goods in the cabin and with the help of external suspension.

Saber: the history of the appearance and diversity of species

Among various types of cold arms, the saber occupies one of the leading positions. All types of sabers are characterized by a characteristic bend of the blade. Nowadays, saber fencing, dancing with sabers and simply collecting various types of sabers are very popular. The sabers are a unique type of cold arms, they were the ones who were able to hold out for the longest time as weapons of some military units.

President of Vietnam: the difficulties and difficulties of establishing presidential power in the country

В истории международного права становление демократических институтов системы государственного управления в странах Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона всегда имело свои отличительные особенности. В этой части света долгое время сохранялись древнейшие институты государственной власти, опирающиеся на местные традиции и менталитет.

Soviet T-55 tank: traditions of quality

The results of the Korean War clearly showed that infantry, artillery, aircraft and naval forces cannot independently succeed in a military conflict. The tank continued to remain the king of the battlefield on land. All the most significant military operations, both tactically and strategically, at that time were carried out exclusively with the use of tanks.

US Army will receive 50 improved Sentinel radars

The deal, announced by the US Department of Defense on December 28, involves the purchase of 50 Sentinel A3 radars and related spare parts. It is also noted that the contract costs more than 51 million dollars. "Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Fullerton, California, received a contract worth $ 51,901,116 with a fixed price to purchase 50 Enhanced Sentinel A3 radars and related parts," said a Pentagon source.

Bandera: who they are - then and now

Today, on television and on the Internet, a lot of news is devoted to Ukraine. In the news stories now and then the word sounds "Bandera". Who are they and what are they doing in Ukraine? If you look for the answer yourself, without the help of knowledgeable people, you can stumble upon completely incorrect descriptions of these people. To answer this question, you have to go back in time.

In 2019, the military will experience a smart mine

By the end of 2019, the PTM-5 “smart” mine will be tested in the Russian Federation. The developed ammunition will distinguish armed people from civilians and this will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in civilian casualties. According to the director general of the Research Institute of Engineering Igor Smirnov, the mine will be triggered by armored vehicles and armed men.

Flask: the history of military life items

Starting from prehistoric times, people tried to figure out a way to take food and water with them. And if it was easy to do without food for a couple of days, or even a week, it is impossible to live more than 3-5 days without drinking water. The history of the flask The oldest water bottle was found by archaeologists, and is over 60,000 years old.

"Solaris-N" - the drone will not fly

Combat events in Syria showed that unmanned aerial vehicles pose a greater and greater threat to both the military and the civilian population. The attack of terrorist drones on the base Hmeymim - has become a vivid evidence of this. In Russia, systems for dealing with drones were produced before, but the brainchild of the Sozvezdie concern under the name Solyarin surpasses them many times.

How Kiev tank tried to wash Washington

Ukrainian armored "Plant named after V.A. Malysheva "for six years trying to sell one tank mark" Oplot "for the needs of the US Army. But alas, it never happened. The contract was signed at the end of 2012. Then local gunsmiths hoped for military-technical cooperation with the Americans. At the same time at the time of the transaction, the combat vehicle was worth a little more than 30 million hryvnia.

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