Trekking boots: what are and how to choose genuine hiking shoes

Trekking boots (from the English. Trekking boots - "boots for travel") are called special shoes, designed mainly for hiking outside of ordinary roads, but with different complexity. Most often used by tourists, including climbers, and in recent years, the military. There were trekking boots in a well-known form, thanks to the Italian mountaineer and mountain guide Vitale Bramani.

Kisten - the weapon of one era

Quite often on the shelves of museums in the exposition of ancient weapons can be found very unusual items - sticks with a metal chain, at the end of which is a weighty metal ball. This is a brush. The device may differ in design, size and equipment, but in any form it remains an impressive appearance.

Anti-ship missile system K 300 "Bastion"

One of the most important components of the strategy of hostilities at sea is to protect its own coast. A reliable means to ensure it is coastal anti-ship complexes capable of effectively “working” against enemy landing ships, its aircraft carrier groups, convoys and single ships.

Hotchkiss machine gun: French quality

In the history of firearms there are a lot of samples that are undeservedly forgotten and which few people know. A vivid example of this is the French machine gun from the company of Hotchkiss, a weapon that has been undeservedly forgotten. This machine gun does not have such a glorious history as the legendary Maxim machine gun or Kalashnikov assault rifle, but it occupies a significant place in the history of wars and armed conflicts.

Russian BTR-82A: creation history, description and technical characteristics

The BTR-82 and BTR-82A are Russian armored personnel carriers developed at the turn of the past and the current decade. In fact, the creation of these machines is another attempt to modernize the old and well-deserved fighting vehicle BTR-80. The designers set themselves the task of making a vehicle with a higher level of protection, firepower and mobility on the basis of the BTR-80, as well as significantly improve the performance of the armored personnel carrier.

GAZ-22171 Sable for commercial traffic

GAZ-22171 Sobol - Russian-made minivan, which is used to transport cargo weighing up to 900 kilograms and passengers. Available since 2003. Consumers appreciate transport for small size and good maneuverability in urban environments. General information about GAZ-22171 Sable A distinctive feature from other vehicles of the complex is the roof of medium height.

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In Russia, create a female cosmonaut

Roscosmos has begun the formation of the cosmonaut corps, consisting of representatives of the beautiful half of the population of the Russian Federation. Recall, this idea has long been in the air, and in the summer of last year, 87 candidates were registered. However, none of them have passed the selection - because we need the best of the best.

US reconnaissance aircraft approaching Hamish’s Russian base in Syria

A US P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft made a reconnaissance flight near the Russian Hmeimim airbase located in Syria. According to the monitoring military website Plane Radar, the American reconnaissance aircraft took off from the Sigonella airbase in Sicily and cruised for about an hour off the Mediterranean coast of Syria, periodically approaching the Russian Khmeimim base and the logistics base of the Russian Navy.

The Siege of Leningrad - the line of defense and the map of the environment in 1941

Битва за Ленинград и его блокада, продолжавшаяся с 1941 по 1944 год, являются ярчайшим примером мужества, несгибаемости и неугасаемой воли к победе советского народа и Красной Армии. Предыстория и положение города С самого момента своего основания Санкт-Петербург находился в весьма выгодном, но в то же время опасном для крупного города месте.

The history of modern Iraq and its presidents

Персидский залив и междуречье Тигра и Евфрата всегда являлись перекрестком острых политических противоречий. Начиная со времен Персидской империи на этих землях, всегда пересекались торгово-экономические и политические интересы властителей. Этому способствовали благодатный климат и удачное географическое расположение региона.

Europe want to flood the free "electric rickshaw"

Pedicabs are a typical form of urban transport for many poor countries in Central and Southeast Asia, from the Philippines to Pakistan. Engineers of the Swedish company Bzzt were able to creatively rework this idea and created a miniature electric vehicle. Now, a three-wheeled eletrota Zbee carries around the residents and guests of Stockholm, delighting them with an amusing appearance and affordable fare.

How to choose a Swiss knife, the story of the creation of the legend

Of the many brands of knives it is difficult to find such eminent samples that could compete with the Swiss ones. These knives are brands, guarantors of high quality and versatility, which occupy the highest positions for many years. At first it was a Swiss army knife, which was supposed to help soldiers in a military situation to overpower canned food and a new rifle, which needs to be unwound frequently in order to clean it.

U-71 hypersonic aircraft: glider review

Despite the fact that the Cold War has long ended, the world has not become safer. The dangers of this century come not only from terrorist groups, relations between the leading world powers also leave much to be desired. Russia is blackmailing the United States with "radioactive ashes", and the Americans surround Russia with a missile defense system, lay down new strategic submarines and conduct anti-missile tests.

Special Forces Airborne: history and structure

Thanks to cinema and television, most Russians are aware of the existence of special forces units that are subordinate to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU special forces). However, these special units are far from being the only ones in the Russian armed forces, their “colleagues” are less well-known and not so “divided”.

The first domestic light armored car D-8 1931

Soviet armored car D-8 of 1931 is the first domestic car of this type, created by Soviet designers on the wheelbase of the domestic car GAZ-A. The armored car was created as a reconnaissance vehicle and machine control in accordance with the needs of the army units of the Red Army.

Article in the military ID, or how to read the secret code: deciphering the diagnosis

Some who have not served in the army, however, have a military ID with incomprehensible digital codes. These numbers can be a hindrance when applying for a job or when obtaining rights. Let's try to understand these secret notation. Deciphering an article in a military ID In order to understand exactly what information is encrypted in a military ID, you need to know the basic rules for encryption.

How Ukraine traded Russia for Boeing

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers continue the policy of refusing to cooperate with Russian enterprises: they are now excluded from the list of suppliers for the An-178 aircraft. This was announced on his Facebook page by President Petro Poroshenko. The realities of the modern Ukrainian import substitution An-178 is a short-haul transport aircraft developed by the designers of the Antonov State Enterprise.