The smooth-bore gun MP-155 for hunting

The MP-155 is a hunting rifle designed by gunsmiths of the Izhevsk plant. The model was based on the famous "Murka" - a gun MP-153. It was in great demand among hunters, but by the end of the first decade of our century it became noticeably behind the more modern competitors. In the new model, the developers tried to eliminate all the shortcomings of the previous generation. Cartridges for MP-155 have a caliber of 12x76 and 12x89.

general information

During the creation of the M-155 negotiations were conducted with Italian manufacturers of parts for guns. Izhevsk specialists were interested in the possibility of producing components for the assembly of their unique technical units in Russia. The greatest demand is the version of the gun with a plastic case.

The main differences of the model M-155 from the old version:

  • The mass was reduced due to a new vapor-valve mechanism and a lightweight aiming bar. The latter has improved the balance of weapons;
  • Receiving the modification for powerful ammunition 12/76 received a shorter length;
  • Ergonomics become better. The owner has the opportunity to reduce the butt drop using plastic inserts. The design of the shock absorber pad has been revised and modified. The fuse button is longer, and the trigger stroke is reduced.

The main new properties of Mr 155 Rusich include:

  • Bilateral equipment that allows you to conveniently control the gun right-handers and left-handers;
  • Mechanisms include the installation of a collimator sight and optics;
  • A unique system that allows you to limit the supply of ammunition from the store MP-155. This allows for the recharging of ammunition of another caliber and power.

All wooden parts are finished to a high standard. The pad of the shock absorber does an excellent job with its task - it significantly suppresses recoil when fired.

The device gun MP-155

The side gas engine of the model drives the automation. The piston has a node that regulates the pressure of the powder gases in the engine. Thanks to him, many types of ammunition are suitable for working with weapons. The adjustment knot was transferred from the barrel: as a result, its mass decreased, but at the same time the piston mass remained unchanged. This result was achieved due to the change in its dimensions. The piston is stable even in severe weather conditions.

The valve spring is tightened by the adjustment nut. The impact of the spring on the valve allows you to release a certain amount of gases outside the engine. The size and quality of the springs vary in a small range, since the production of exactly the same is technically difficult. The adjusting nut provides the required level of spring preload. It is determined after shooting a gun.

The nut also helps the owner to set up additional settings and eliminate some errors in the mechanisms. Using weak ammunition, it is unscrewed almost completely, which leads to a maximum shutter speed. Powerful charges accelerate the work of the bolt, so the nut is screwed to reduce its speed. It is not recommended to disassemble the piston yourself, it is better to provide this process to a specialist.

For the manufacture of the receiver MP-155 Rusich use aluminum B95, which is widely used in aviation. Many guns use analogues of this metal. On the upper part of the box there are grooves on which the sighting mechanisms and transition strips can be mounted.

On the slide MP-155 added longitudinal valleys, which are design innovations. They bear the model number and factory stamp.

The function of the cutoff of the supply of charges from the store MP-155 makes the gun more versatile. If in his shop one cartridges are loaded, and in the process of hunting it was necessary to shoot others, this mechanism is used for manual recharging with the necessary ammunition. Charging is done through the ejector window. The shutter, which is transferred to the rear end position before adding a new charge, will send it to the chamber while moving backwards.

The benefit of this decision is felt when you need to make several shots in a row. The activated cut-off is retained after the shot, the cartridge from the store is not sent to the chamber. As soon as you can return to standard charges, the cutoff is deactivated with a slight movement of your finger. Experts do not recommend disassembling the cut-off yourself. It is fixed with a sealant, so there is a high probability of disrupting the screw spline.

Improvement of the MP-155 Rusich continues in our days. In the near future it is planned to add a pistol grip and butt with a folding mechanism. The recoil of the gun is significant, therefore, the old form of the handle is not very convenient. Designers are also working on creating a sports version. In particular, the fuse button, which athletes accidentally press during high-speed recharge, will be reduced.

Design features

The number of parts in the trigger mechanism M-155 decreased, which did not affect the quality of the design. The base on which the trigger is installed is now made of high-strength polyamide. Shops for the Kalashnikov assault rifle are made from the same material, so there is no doubt about its strength.

The course of the trigger of the gun MP-155 was dry and shorter. In traveling conditions, the oversized fuse button is more convenient. In the right position, the fuse is activated, in the left - no. The front of the tray has become forked. For safety reasons, engineers have eliminated the possibility of a shot when the shutter is unlocked.

The weight of the aiming bar was reduced, it became arched. Mounting technology has also been changed. The method used earlier did not provide a reliable fastening of the new generation bar and the stem. Manufacturers use silver-containing solder, but it leaves noticeable marks in the attachment points, spoiling the appearance. To remove them at the final stage of processing, honing is applied (type of abrasive treatment). In some instances, the bar is replaced with a classic front and rear sight.

Tips for new owners

Domestic-made weapons as an assembly are inferior to imported counterparts. Before buying, you need to check each node and the quality of fastening of all structural elements. A practical test would be useful if there is a prepared shooting gallery in the gun shop.

After the purchase is required to disassemble the gun. Using kerosene, you need to wash the barrel and receiver. This is done to remove possible contaminants that affect the stability of all mechanisms. Common contamination is metal shavings that are not taken care of at the plant.

After disassembling the weapon, check all pins. They are set so that for their removal will not have to make special efforts. Pay special attention to the pin, which fixes the axis of the drummer. According to the manufacturer, its mount is improved when compared with the 153rd version. Loss of the pin makes disassembly impossible.

Rifle service

THAT this gun can easily carry any owner. Weapon parts must always be clean and covered with a thin layer of lubricant. To clean the gun using a soft cloth.

After the end of the shooting, it is necessary to rinse and clean all the mechanisms during the day. If the instrument was operated at a low temperature, then before cleaning it should warm up at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Cleaners are solvents, so their amount should be moderate.

For shooting to be effective, the barrel and other elements must be in good condition. Using gun oil, you need to carefully handle the bore. After this, a soft cloth wipes the barrel bore and the chamber. Strong carbon is removed with a ramrod, on which is wound a brush with brass bristles moistened with gun oil. The thread for the installation of choke is also required to handle a lubricant.

It is also necessary to remove carbon deposits from the gas chamber and all its components. For effective cleaning special solutions are used, which can be bought in gun shops. The use of harsh cleaning materials is prohibited, they can damage the surfaces of parts and destroy the weapon.


The MP-155 Rusich is a high-quality smooth-bore instrument that is of interest to beginner and experienced hunters. It attracts with high quality, simple design (everyone can learn how to repair it at home). Used ammunition provides high efficiency. Indicators of accuracy and accuracy are not inferior to competitors.

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