Heavy infantry weapons - 160 mm divisional mortar M-160 1949

The Soviet 160-mm divisional mortar M-160 of the 1949 type is a large-caliber artillery breeder loading system, which came into service with the Soviet motorized rifle divisions. The main purpose of the weapon is the destruction of well-fortified long-term and field fortifications in the front line, the accumulation of manpower and military equipment of the enemy in closed positions. The main striking effect is achieved by firing on a steeply hinged trajectory and using high-powered mines.

Tool development and mass production

The Soviet 160-mm mortar of the 1943 type was the main technical base for the creation of a new divisional mortar. The development of the project was entrusted to the team of the Kolomna Design Bureau of Civil Aviation under the direction of B. Shavyrina. The designers tried to make the most of the good tactical and technical data of the 160-mm mortar, which was actively used by the Soviet troops at the final stage of the Great Patriotic War.

They decided to add an elongated barrel charged from the treasury and a turning mechanism to facilitate the process of loading and transportation to the proven design of the domestic gun. Towing will have to be done by road or tracked tractors.

The design of the new mortar, created in the conditions of competition, was successful. Due to its high ballistic characteristics and firepower, the mortar was recommended for use under the designation M-160 of the 1949 type. Serial production was carried out until 1957 in two enterprises: at the plants No. 535 and No. 172. A total of 2353 pieces were manufactured.

Soviet 160-mm mortar M-160, model 1949, at the exposition of the Military History Museum "Kronverk", St. Petersburg

Tactical and technical characteristics of 160-mm divisional mortar M-160

  • Calculation - 8 people.
  • Combat weight - 1470 kg.
  • The initial velocity of the mine is up to 245 m / s.
  • The elevation angle is 45-80 degrees, the angle of horizontal guidance is 12-50 degrees.
  • Rate of fire: 3 shots / min.
  • Maximum firing range - 5100 m.
  • Loading is made from the breech.
  • The main type of ammunition: high-explosive mine.
  • The weight of the high-explosive mine is 40.9 kg.
  • Transfer time from traveling to combat: 3-4 min.
  • Mode of transportation: transported by trucks GAZ-63, ZIL-157.

The Soviet 160-mm M-160 divisional mortar of the 1949 type was in service with the motor-rifle units of the Soviet Army until the mid-80s. The gun was delivered to the countries of the Warsaw Pact, the Middle East, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea. In combat conditions, mortar was used in the course of numerous armed conflicts of the second half of the 20th century.

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