Turkey has introduced special forces in Syria to fight Kurdish militants

The special units of the Turkish army, in collaboration with the troops of the Free Syrian Army, launched an operation to destroy a group of Kurdish militants who were stationed in the vicinity of the city of Afrin. The operation received a loud name "Olive Branch".

War is unpleasant in itself. And in the Middle East - also rather complicated. Yesterday's allies no-no, yes, and join the opposition. Or, to make matters worse, they will immediately set their weapons on you.

It is noteworthy that the militants being destroyed once belonged to the Free Syrian Army. However, not so long ago, they broke away from her, and even tried to carry out several military operations against the SSA. In addition, the guys began to behave at ease, not disdaining looting and robbery of the civilian population.

According to Turkish media, part of the formations of the breakaway militants have already been successfully neutralized. However, the operation will continue until complete victory. That is, until the militants who break away from the SSA will not be destroyed - or will not realize their mistake and will not surrender to captivity.

The city of Afrin, once occupied by militants, has already come under the control of the Turkish and Syrian free armies.

In turn, the official Damascus condemned the actions of the Turks in the country.

And Moscow called on all parties to show restraint and respect for the territorial integrity of Syria.

Watch the video: Kurdish fighters face off with Turkish forces in northern Syria (December 2019).


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