Military truck KAMAZ-53501

Military KamAZ-53501 has a wheel formula of 6x6 and is part of the Mustang family used by the Russian army. The truck has a high cross, it is able to operate in extreme temperature conditions. In the army, the machine performs universal tasks.


KamAZ-53501 is used to install auxiliary equipment, a truck transports military cargo and tows artillery pieces. It can be equipped with various special equipment:

  • Armored module. Used to transport soldiers. Equipped with hidden armor of the sixth class of protection: protects people from shots and explosions of fragmentation grenades. Inside there are two benches installed along the sides. Bulletproof glass, there are special compartments for return fire. On the roof there are hatches for evacuation. The residential module has a separate ventilation system from the cabin. The driver can be contacted using a special device;
  • "Multilift". Equipment for accelerated unloading of the car. Used for military equipment, weapons, bulk cargo and soldiers;
  • Self loading loader Used for delivery of military goods to remote areas, which can be reached by dirt road or off-road. The model has an increased load capacity and strength. To increase the patency, the designers reduced the distance between the rear axles, installed the hydraulic booster and made the brakes multi-circuit;
  • Excavator installation. It is installed on the transport platform and operates from an independent drive. Consumes 12 liters of fuel per hour;
  • Crane installation. The main difference of the military crane is the ability to work without outriggers and without activating additional brakes. This allows you to quickly load cargo in an emergency.

KAMAZ-53501 device

Military transport was developed on the basis of the 5350th version. The main differences of this model are considered to be its elongated base and the appearance of fittings on the platform, allowing to install add-ons of various functionalities.

The chassis was designed to transport heavy loads. The large size of the tires with a unique projector helps to overcome off-road. The length of the truck frame is 5.3 meters, and the total length of the truck is 8.6 meters. Insulation of all technical units allows water barriers to a depth of 1.75 meters. The total weight of the truck is slightly less than 21 tons. Auto transports loads of up to 10 tons. It can be operated at temperatures from -45 to +45 degrees with high humidity.

V-engine has 8 cylinders, develops up to 260 horsepower. For acceleration, a liquid-cooled turbocharging system was added to the incoming air. The engine torque is 1200-1400 rpm. When driving on an asphalt road with an average speed, the fuel consumption of KAMAZ-53501 is 28-29 liters per 100 kilometers.

The clutch is dry and has one disc. The transmission is manual, has 10 speeds, one of which - back. Razdatka has two gears with a double main. The main is equipped with bevel and spur gears. Front-wheel drive is always activated, the other axles are affected by the locking differential.

Like a residential unit, the truck cabin has hidden armor of the sixth class of protection. The cabin is made on the frame-panel method. Side and windshields are placed in steel frames and fastened with bolts that are screwed to the body. Under the cabin is the motor. It accommodates three people, for convenience in the cabin there are attachments for weapons and places for storing drinking water. Excellent thermal and sound insulation of the cabin.

Machine Specifications:

  • Length - 8.6 meters;
  • Width - 2.55 meters;
  • Height - 3.29 meters;
  • The fuel tank holds 125/175 liters of gasoline;
  • Power unit - 260 horsepower.

The dashboard has all the data of the information management system. With its help, the driver can monitor the technical condition of the truck and quickly determine the damage. The cabin also has a radio station. To access the engine, you need to fold the cab. During the trip bed can be folded.

Auto usage rules

Before using the new truck, do the following:

  • Remove all factory seals from handles, doors, vents, etc .;
  • Remove factory grease from metal parts;
  • Remove the protective film from all indicators and glass;
  • Fill the battery with electrolyte and charge to the maximum.

After that, the transport can be checked for correct operation:

  • Check the operation of electrical appliances, the presence of leakage of technical liquids;
  • Check the reliability of the mounting wheels and the pressure level in the tires;
  • Check the status of the control and braking systems.

If any of the systems found faults, use the machine is prohibited. To eliminate it, it is recommended to contact the specialized KamAZ service, where repairs will be carried out under warranty. If all goes well, you can start the engine.

After start it is necessary to allow the power plant to work in idle mode. This is necessary to warm all the technical components to the operating temperature. The first trip should be trial - a distance of no more than 20-25 kilometers. The running period is 1000 kilometers. During this time, it is not recommended to exceed the speed of 50 km / h, and the load should not be more than 75% of the nominal.

The manufacturer gives the following recommendations for the operation of the truck:

  • Refuel with fuel complying with GOST 305-82;
  • To buy technical fluids from among those recommended by the plant;
  • Movement can begin as soon as there is sufficient pressure in the brake circuit. This driver informs a special indicator in the cabin;
  • It is not recommended to disconnect the battery when the engine is running;
  • If one of the indicators of the information management system caught fire, it is required to complete a full stop of the transport and find out the exact reason for its activation;
  • Oil and air filters must be changed at the exact time. Poor filter quality can cause serious damage;
  • Locking differentials when driving on the ground or off-road is unacceptable.

Following these simple recommendations, you can be sure that the transport will work stably and without serious damage.


In practical application, KamAZ-53501 shows itself perfectly. Its performance characteristics allow you to perform different tasks in all climatic conditions. This is an excellent vehicle that allows you to quickly transfer troops from one end of the country to the other.

The demand for this car is noticeable in the economic sphere: on farms, construction sites and other objects. Special demand crane installations, with which you can quickly move the load.

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