FORTUNA showed new thermal imagers at the exhibition "Arms and Hunting 2017"

The Moscow exhibition "Arms and Hunting 2018" is a major thematic event that annually welcomes thousands of visitors from all over Russia and the world. Hundreds of popular manufacturers and developers showcase their new products for hunters, shooters, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Specialists of the CEK group of companies visited the international exhibition "Arms and Hunting 2018", demonstrating to the general audience the latest innovations in the range of their products. This number includes FORTUNA GENERAL multi-purpose thermal imagers, presented in the form of monoculars, sights, nozzles and glasses, as well as an updated series of thermal imaging sights FORTUNA GENERAL ONE, including 8 high-performance models for observation at a distance of up to 2400 m. design, improved ergonomics and the ability to connect a laser rangefinder FORTUNA LRF. New sights work on the basis of two matrices with a resolution of 384x288 and 640x480 pixels, equipped with lenses from 40 to 100 mm and can be used both at small and ultra-long distances.

Multipurpose thermal imagers FORTUNA GENERAL - universal devices for solving all sorts of problems. The model range includes several monoculars for manual use, thermal imaging sights, nozzles for daytime optical sights and thermal imaging glasses with the possibility of mounting on the headband of the helmet.

Throughout the exhibition, the specialists of the UEC group of companies provide full advisory support for each device presented, and guests can also evaluate the image quality, ergonomics and capabilities of the FORTUNA thermal imagers.

Watch the video: Quality control at a production thermal scope FORTUNA (October 2019).


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