The first copy of the Il-112V military transport aircraft is ready for flight testing.

Voronezh Aircraft Company PJSC "VASO" (a structural unit of the United Aircraft Building Corporation) transferred the first flight model of the Il-112V military transport aircraft to the flight test station of Ilyushin PJSC for conducting a series of test flights.

A promising lightweight Il-112B military transport aircraft is being developed in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which plans to purchase more than 100 aircraft of this type.

Specialists of the transport aviation division of the United Aircraft Corporation will conduct a complex of so-called airfield development of the new aircraft. According to the results, a conclusion will be drawn up on the readiness of the Il-112B for the first flight.

The Il-112B light military transport aircraft is designed for air transportation and landing of military equipment, cargo and personnel. The mass of the transported cargo is at least 5 tons.

Il-112V is designed to replace the military transport aircraft An-26. The possibilities of a new car in transport efficiency in comparison with the "classmate" to be replaced are no less than twice as high.

Russian aircraft manufacturers are counting not only on equipping the Russian aerospace forces with a promising aircraft, but also on its promotion on the world market for weapons and military equipment. In their assessments, the designers rely on unique flight performance that provides competition to the best world transport aircraft of this class.

The first flight of the Il-112V should take place before the end of this year.

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