Russia and China threaten the United States with artificial intelligence?

The American Congress once again sows panic. The other day, senators from the research service stated the need to analyze the ability to resist weapons that are made on the basis of artificial intelligence. And with this very weapon, Russia and China together allegedly decided to beat America. Or at least apply it in a possible military confrontation.

As stated in the document of the American Congress, many countries, especially Russia and China, make extensive use of the technologies of robotics, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence, both in civil and military fields. And the United States is obliged to take action and adequately respond to such an outrageous affair. Particularly congressmen are concerned about the development of Russian-Chinese engineers autonomous systems of lethal weapons. And, of course, both the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, without any doubt, will use robots to destroy the US military facilities. For the ethical side of the development of such weapons in both countries is not paid practically, no attention.

By the way, it makes sense to recall that official Moscow has repeatedly called for an international discussion on the use of deadly artificial intelligence systems. But the United States just repeatedly ignored these proposals.

Watch the video: China is already a world power in artificial intelligence: CIO. The Rundown (October 2019).


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