Signal revolvers and pistols - an effective means of sound notification

Signal firearms designed to beep. It should not be confused with rocket launchers, hunter signal bullets. These means give a sound and light signal. The caliber of the signal revolver does not allow charges of such a mass that they have a bright glow, so the sound remains the only means of giving a signal.

The principle of the signal revolver and pistol

The general device of the signal revolver and pistol is not much different from similar models of firearms. Moreover, they are even produced by the same manufacturers, for example, the revolver of the revolver system. A similar charge ignition system and powder composition are used. Small-caliber signal revolvers are charged with ring ignition cartridges. 9 mm caliber comes already with capsule cartridges. In production, they are much more expensive. The cheapest signal cartridge is a 5.6 mm caliber with a ring ignition. Such cartridges are sold in packs of 100 pcs. Pistols and revolvers for such a caliber are constantly used at sporting events (starting pistol), in search groups, at various competitions, rallies, races.

Signal weapons, giving light and smoke signal (rocket launcher, cartridge star), usually single-shot, which reduces the number of options for the signal, because you can not make a few shots in a row quickly. Manufacturers are going to such a decline in performance due to the fact that a large caliber is required. If the signal is only sound, as in revolvers and pistols, the weapon can immediately be made multiply charged.

The alarm cartridge is a standard primer with rattlesnake, which is completely analogous to combat. The cap is located on the back wall of the sleeve and is ignited by the drummer. The rest of the liner contains a powder charge of minimal power based on nitrated cellulose (smokeless gunpowder). Its volume is chosen so that it is difficult or impossible to remake the cartridge under combat.

Popular models of signal revolvers

Signal revolver "Guard" is produced Izhevsk Arms Plant. It is the first model of signal firearms developed in Russia. Currently out of production due to numerous defects. It is purchased only under license and is quite a frequent collectable item. The main buyers are hunters (the shot is confidently heard for one kilometer), sports judges and security structures. The main drawback of the “Guardian” signal revolver is the need for the trigger to be cocked before each shot. Also during operation, the fragile frame design was noted.

Alarm Lom revolver (Scrap)

Produced by the Turkish company "Zoraki". The weapon is quite modern, there are no significant flaws in it. Barrel and frame cast as a whole. Used stainless alloy, alloy steel. The design is optimized for the number of parts, so the revolver is reliable and has an affordable price. Case options: blued, chrome.

Signal revolver Ekol viper

One of the most advanced models of signal weapons, which use advanced technical solutions. It has a caliber of 5.6 mm, the capacity of the drum 6 charges and automatic platoon. In the standard version, it fires with signal (idle) annular ignition cartridges. The list of used cartridges and their manufacturers is large enough, the main thing is that they fit in overall dimensions. Signal revolver Ekol viper is available in several versions with different barrel lengths. Since the cartridge is purely signal and does not have a bullet, the barrel length does not have a serious effect.

Signal revolver Ekol viper has the ability by installing a special module to fire missiles. In this case, it turns into a single-shot large-caliber pistol.

Alarm revolver MP 313

It has the appearance and device similar to the legendary crooks. Just as a signal revolver (PC) is not very convenient because of its large size. It is very common as a souvenir, as the appearance of the revolver is copied as accurately as possible. It is noteworthy that the internal structure of the joint is copied. In this case, the drum has a modified design with a limiter on the length of the cartridge. This makes the revolver a signal one, not a combat one. Also inside the barrel there is a divider, which makes it impossible to use any other cartridges, except signal acoustic ones. Signal revolver Bluff is another name for a model similar to a revolver. MP 313 is produced at Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

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