The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation ordered a tow truck for the Arctic

A new repair and recovery vehicle will be created specifically for work at extremely low temperatures.

The Russian Ministry of Defense published an order for the development of an armored repair and recovery vehicle, abbreviated as BREM. Moreover, the car is not simple, but one that it can operate at significantly lower temperatures and can save Russian tanks from enemy fire in difficult arctic conditions. Competition won Nizhny Tagil "Uralvagonzavod."

In total, 169.4 million rubles were allocated from the state budget for the experimental design. As noted by the developers, prototypes of the Arctic tow truck will be released as early as 2020.

According to experts, the Arctic group of Russian troops is developing rapidly. She already has modern anti-aircraft complexes, transporters with a combat module. Naturally, technical support vehicles are needed for this entire military family.

Note, the novelty is designed to evacuate vehicles in the Arctic, including from the enemy's area of ​​fire, to the assembly points of damaged vehicles or to the shelter. Also, the machine will be used to evacuate stuck vehicles and assist crews in the repair and maintenance in the field.

By the way, Uralvagonzavod has experience in creating armored repair and recovery vehicles. For example, BREM-1M, which is made on the basis of the chassis of the T-72A tank. But here the Urals have to solve the problem more difficult. In the Arctic, the climate is harder, and the winds are stronger and temperatures are lower.

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