Economic dump truck KAMAZ-55111

KAMAZ-55111 is a popular truck used to transport construction materials. The design is reliable, simple, spare parts for repair are inexpensive and there are many auto shops. The origins of the machine are in the 70s of the last century, when the USSR entered the era of economic growth. The abundant amount of construction projects needed high-quality freight transport. Then an analogue of 55111 appeared.

general information

KamAZ-55111 dump truck was developed on the basis of the 5511 model, the production of which the Kama plant was engaged from 1977 to 1990. The payload of the truck was 10 tons, and it worked on a V8 diesel engine with a volume of 10.85 liters. The power plant developed 210 horsepower. In 1988, the 55111st was released, designed to replace the outdated machine.

There were no global changes in the design. The power unit remained the same, it was supplemented with pipe-charging. Body size decreased, the rear wall began to open. Cabin received external and internal changes. The overall design direction has been maintained. Distinguishing two trucks is simple: the KamAZ-55111 has rectangular headlights located on the bumper, the “big brother” has round ones on the cab.

The main feature is considered to increase the load capacity by one third. This improvement has reduced transport costs. The truck has rear unloading, as a result of which you can save unloading time without waiting for a crane. The series received four modifications, between which there are no serious differences. Production of the car ended in 2012, it was replaced by an improved model 65115.


Vehicles operate on the basis of a modified KamAZ 740 engine. Engine capacity is 10.85 liters. At 2,200 rpm, maximum power is reached - 240 horsepower. At 1100 rpm, the maximum torque is developed - 912 Nm.

The power plant works in conjunction with a manual transmission, which is of two types:

  • 5-speed box without a divider with a distributing number of 7.22;
  • 10-speed box with a divider with a distributing number of 6.53.

The average fuel consumption of a car is 30 liters per 100 km. The standard tank of the truck holds 250 liters of fuel. This volume is enough for a trip of 800 kilometers. Some versions were equipped with a 350 liter tank. Fuel consumption increases when driving with a maximum speed (90 km / h) or during overcoming off-road.

The body is represented by a welded all-metal bucket-type platform. The tilt direction is in the direction of the front side. The visor on the body has become an ergonomic design solution - it closes the free space between the cab and the platform. Exhaust gases heat the bottom of the body. This is done so that at sub-zero temperatures the bulk load does not stick to the bottom. The body can be tilted to 60 degrees, and its capacity - 6.6 cubic meters.

For the rise of the body meets the hydraulic system. The KamAZ hydraulic system for lifting works with the help of a special three-level cylinder. Control is exercised by the driver using the power take-off. The rise of the KamAZ-55111 body of this model passes quickly.

The main features of the cabin design are preserved, but some elements have been modified and refined. In the new cabin there was more free space, the ceiling became higher. Headlights have become rectangular and moved to the bumper. The cabin is made of metal, has a slope forward while driving. She is able to accommodate three people. Sound and thermal insulation made at a high level.


  • Length - 6.68 m;
  • Height - 2.74 m;
  • Wheel formula - 6x4;
  • Load capacity - 13 tons;
  • The volume of the tank - 250/350 l.

The brake system is made as usual for the whole family. There are two mechanisms: primary and secondary. The first allows you to control the movement, to carry out braking. The second one fixes the car in place while parked, especially the mechanism is important when tilted. The work is based on pneumatics, the system is made according to the drum type. The frame of KAMAZ-55111 is sturdy, all the main technical units are connected to it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Trucks that are used for the transport of construction materials, often move around the city at night. This is due to the controllability of the car and its dimensions. KamAZ-55111 has excellent handling, so it can comfortably move in dense city traffic.

Pluses cars:

  • The design of the machine allows you to move on the ground and off-road. The wheel formula 6x4 and powerful engine contribute to this;
  • Compared with the main competitors in the family of dump trucks, the size of the KAMAZ-55111 can be considered average. Capture radius when turning small. This has a positive effect when driving on city roads during the day;
  • The bottom of the platform is heated, due to which there is no possibility of accumulation of residual bulk cargo due to icing;
  • Simplicity and reliability of a design provide a high stock of a working resource. Without a major overhaul of the engine and other major components of the car can pass several hundred thousand kilometers;
  • Low fuel consumption, improved reliability, increased payload - factors that allow the owner to save money on transportation services.

The choice of this transport in the years of its production fell for good technical characteristics and cheap service. Many years have passed since the release of the first production batch, but this transport retains high confidence and is used in many construction projects.


  • Many potential buyers refuse to buy a car because of its poor ergonomics;
  • Production is completed, technical support too. You can purchase the necessary parts only in the secondary market;
  • The volume of the body does not allow to perform all types of transportation with maximum efficiency.

The truck has more positive moments than negative ones. This allows him to stay ahead of many competitors in the row of dump trucks.

What can be concluded?

Construction companies buy dump trucks 55111 because of their efficiency: low fuel consumption, cheap maintenance, high payload allow you to save on transportation costs. In addition, the Kama truck shows a stable job on the domestic diesel fuel.

New factory parts are now rarely found. In auto shops you can find reworked or repaired components from old copies that were written off or not able to return to work. The price of parts is low, repairs will not hit hard on a wallet, unlike foreign trucks. Repair service is simple: the driver can independently eliminate the malfunction even in the field.

The car has its drawbacks, in particular, poor ergonomics, low level of comfort and low stock of working resource for some units and spare parts. All this is offset by low maintenance costs.

Production was completed in 2012, so now such a machine can only be bought with it. Copies of the last years of release cost from 1 700 000 rubles. Options 2000-2003 year will cost 300-500 thousand rubles. The final price tag depends on the technical and external conditions. Also, many companies offer a truck for rent for 700-800 rubles per hour.

Watch the video: Spintires Mudrunner MOD- Kamaz- 55111 Dump Truck (February 2020).