Russian-made SUV ZIL-4334

Car ZIL-4334 - domestic truck with four-wheel drive, equipped with three axles. Design began to replace the outdated ZIL-131N. Serial production began in 1994, now the modification B1, which has been on the conveyor since 2004, is relevant.

general information

Buyers are available in two versions of the machine: onboard and chassis. Additional options include the installation of a modernized cabin, which is lengthened and designed for seven people. A separate model produced by the Likhachev plant is a fire tanker equipped with a pump.

Over the long history of the car used a variety of power plants Russian and foreign assemblies. In 2018, the company recorded two main engines that are equipped with transport: diesel MMZ D-245.30, which meets Euro-3 standards, and carburetor ZIL-508300.

The need to create a new truck operating on three axes with all-wheel drive, appeared in the 80s of the last century. Already in 1990, collected a prototype with the index "433410". It was equipped with an improved chassis from the 131st model and the cab 4331, the release of which began in 1987. In 1994, two modifications were put on the conveyor: 433420 (onboard) and 433422 (chassis).

In 2000, motorists staged an experiment of quality ZIL-4334. Three trucks traveled the entire length of 45 thousand kilometers across the entire planet. All cars reached the destination. The current generation of engines described above, appeared in cars in 2002-2004. In 2002, a modification appeared with an elongated cabin, in which there is a berth. She works on the Caterpillar overseas powertrain.

Specifications and design

"Under the hood" of the truck is a V8 engine, which develops 170 horsepower. Cooling system overhead valve water. The maximum speed is 90 km / h. Power is enough to overcome on a solid road climb with a slope of 35 degrees, as well as water obstacles to a depth of 1.4 meters. The power unit works together with a manual gearbox with five steps and a razdatka with two steps.

Electrical equipment of all modifications has a power of 24 V. Electricity comes from two batteries and a generator. The owner must regularly check all the connections and the level of electrolyte to ensure stable operation of the entire electrics. The dashboard is equipped with indicators necessary to monitor the status of all major transport units (engine, generator, air pressure in the brake system, etc.). The frame is equipped with 8-mm side members.

The clutch connects the engine with the other components of the transmission. Its design includes a hydraulic actuator, a pneumatic booster and peripherally located springs. All speeds except the first one are synchronized. The transfer box is responsible for the drive of the three bridges. The blocking mechanism, which excludes the possibility of including two speeds at once, is made on a ball type.

A unique system was the automatic start of the front axle when shifting to zero gear. Such a mechanism is useful when driving on a slippery surface in the forward direction - the front axle is activated by force. On the dashboard there is a switch with which you can close the electrical circuit.

The factory assembly of the transfer case provides the possibility of custom tuning. In a special hatch, a power take-off device is installed on the drive of different units. The fixture is activated when various add-ins are installed on the chassis.

Leading are all three bridges. Medium - intermediate, it conducts power to the rear axle. To overcome off-road, a system of forcibly locking drive axles is provided to increase traction power. Pairs of the cardan shaft include spline configurations and strong hinges on bearings in their design. They are used to communicate disparate transmission units. To improve handling, the steering wheel is equipped with GUR. For the driver’s comfort, the steering wheel in the cabin can be adjusted to the departure and tilt.

Smooth operation and high throughput is ensured by independent wheel suspension. Each wheel has a built-in brake mechanism, made as a drum. Its design is complemented by internal pads and expanding mechanism. The brake system has one circuit, it allows to transport trailers with a brake drive.

Tires are equipped with a unique element - grouser in the form of a slanting Christmas tree. Built-in system of remote pressure changes in tires. For the successful passage of off-road driver can reduce the pressure in the tires, and then again bring it to the desired level. This system allows you to continue driving with minor punctures 1-2 wheels. At the maximum power of the supercharger, the necessary pressure will be maintained in the punctured tire.

The cabin is equipped with an individual spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers. High quality sound and thermal insulation provides a comfortable working environment for the driver. For an acceptable temperature in the cabin at any time of the year there is a ventilation system and heating equipment. All controls are conveniently located, the driver has immediate access to them. The steering column is equipped with an alarm switch and a wiper lever.

The front suspension is equipped with springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. Middle and back are made on the spring-balance type. Such a device provided a smooth ride and stable operation of the ZIL-4334. The fenders and hood are a single piece, so when opening they fold back together. This provides the mechanic with full access to all technical transport units.

A unique development for the braking system is the water / oil separator. Thanks to him, clean air is pumped into the brake air drive without any debris. He is also responsible for eliminating the possibility of condensate freezing. This contributes to an increase in the working life of the brake mechanisms.

What can be concluded?

Issue ZIL-4334 ended in 2014. A few months ago, it was reported that they want to resume production. Recently, the design was finalized: the engine was improved (it now conforms to Euro-4 environmental standards), the cabin received fiberglass plumage and other minor changes. The management of the enterprise plans to win interest, with the help of high traffic and low cost, not only of the Russian consumer, but also of the foreign one.

Car ZIL-4334 - a popular truck among Russian buyers. It has an affordable price and high performance. It was used not only in the military, but also in the civil sphere. Received the greatest popularity in agriculture. High passability allows for dirt roads to deliver the necessary cargo and passengers to remote areas of the country. Also used to transport various materials on construction sites.

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