IZH-78-9T traumatic pistol PSmych as the founder of travmatiki in Russia

When travmatika just started in the domestic market, the class of compact weapons experienced a serious shortage of models, the consumer, practically, had nothing to choose from. In 2004, the situation began to change dramatically, new models of compact weapons appeared, as well as small-caliber traumatic pistols. One of these copies, which appeared in 2004, is IL-78-9T, which we now talk about.

general information

Over the creation of IL-78-9T worked engineers of the company "Kolchuga", which in its history produced a single model travmatiki. PSmych didn’t gain much popularity, because at that time people who used travmatiku in everyday life, preferred to make a choice either in favor of Makarych, or in favor of the instrument, which was equipped with 18x45T cartridges.

People showed interest in him, for whom one large, powerful traumatic pistol lacked. IL-78-9T due to its dimensions could be used as an additional weapon for self-defense, because it could be easily transferred even in the pocket of simple trousers.

Specifications PSmych

First of all I want to tell you why this instrument began to be called PSmych. The fact that the gun looked very similar to the well-known PSM. The main differences were only in small parts located on the body of the weapon.

The obvious advantage here is the size and weight of the gun. However, they can also be attributed to the disadvantages. Here each user will determine for himself. The fact is that the small size of the gun allows you to wear it as covertly as possible, without bothering yourself. As mentioned above, it can be transferred simply in the pocket of pants or jeans.

But the small weight and narrow body can cause many discomforts to many shooters. The fact is that because of its lightness, recoil increases during firing, which affects not only the comfort of use, but also the effectiveness of firing. A narrow handle can cause IZH-78-9T to fall out of hand during firing.

But if we remember that the production of the instrument began in the distant 2004, then there can be no strong return from speech. At that time there were no powerful 9 mm RA cartridges that could provide it. In addition, by itself, this gun does not withstand the use of too powerful cartridges, in contrast to its improved version, which was called MP-78-9TM.


  • 9 mm PA cartridges are used;
  • 158 millimeters in length;
  • The length of the gun barrel is 85 millimeters;
  • 120 millimeters in height;
  • 20 millimeters wide;
  • The weight of the unloaded weapon is 460 grams;
  • Shop holds 6 rounds.

Each customer chooses for himself what is more important to him: the secretive wearing of a pistol used for self-defense, or convenience during shooting. But do not forget that the main purpose of such a tool - it is carrying, rather than shooting.

IZH-78-9T design

The IL-78-9T pistol has one indisputable advantage in relation to the 2004 traumatic models. The gun is completely made of high-strength weapon steel, thanks to which it was possible to significantly increase the working life of the weapon. It is worth noting that, in terms of reliability, the traumatic pistol turned out better than the combat progenitor of the PSM. But do not forget that this is not an adaptation, the gun is made entirely from scratch.

But, despite the material used, in the design of the PSmych, nevertheless, it was not without flaws. The main problem was the reliability of the barrel, which, despite everything, turned out to be stronger than the barrel of the well-known Makarych, but only if you use charges with energy up to 50 J. And 50 J bullets are recommended to be used only in the case of self-defense, and more powerful charges are contraindicated in IL -78-9T at all.

Automatic pistol, in general, is similar to the PSM. In principle, the main difference between the two pistols are pads on the handle. If desired, they can be replaced with cheeks with PSM or choose any other, wider. Such a replacement will increase comfort during firing, reduce the likelihood of weapons falling out during firing.

What ammo to choose?

Gun Izh-78-9T requires a careful and responsible approach to the choice of cartridges. The fact is that it is far from universal in this matter, as we would like. Despite this, some buyers claim that they even regularly use powerful charges Killer + for shooting and the weapon does not break.

Of course, no one forbids the use of just such cartridges. It is possible that there is some factory defect in favor of the consumer, which allows you to use such charges regularly. But the basic cartridges for PSmych should allocate 30-35 joules of energy. To increase the effectiveness of self-defense, you can charge ammunition for 50 joules of energy, but only for self-defense, and not for sports or recreational shooting.

Of course, many will say that even 50 J is of little effective self-defense, especially in winter, when a person is protected by several layers of clothing. But let's not forget that the gun was produced in 2004, and at that time it was the best option, which, moreover, had a high working resource.


In 2018, nobody is engaged in the production of PSmych. He was replaced by an upgraded version of the MP-78-9TM, the design of which allows the use of really effective charges.

Watch the video: Russian traumatic gun IZH-79-9T "Makarych" Пистолет ИЖ-79-9T "Макарыч" (February 2020).