Russian "Smerchi" will launch drones

Specialists of the Russian concern Tekhmash, which is part of the Rostec state corporation, are completing work to create an unmanned aerial vehicle launched into the Smerch multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) Smerch. The prototype has already been prepared for field testing.

Information about the performance characteristics of a promising drone is kept in the strictest confidence. Also, nothing is known about his mission: either it will be an apparatus for conducting aerial reconnaissance to tactical depth, or a percussion facility is being created with the possibility of prolonged staying in the airborne duty zone in the area of ​​the intended land or sea target.

Along with the Russian armed forces, a promising unmanned aerial vehicle can be obtained by foreign partners.

The Russian Smerch multiple rocket launcher system is designed to engage manpower and equipment, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other targets. The caliber of the missile is 300 millimeters. The system developed shells for various purposes. Smerches are produced at the enterprises of the Splav research and production association, whose products are supplied both to the domestic market and abroad.

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