Compact magazine rifle CZ 527

Carbine CZ 527 - compact magazine rifle, which is used for hunting small and medium animals. The basis of the work is the bolt group Mauser, which was reworked by Czech engineers. Design tools classic.

general information

In Russia, the Czech rifle is popular because of the ammunition it uses - the .223 REM. With such charges, hunting for small and medium animals becomes one pleasure. The gun shows good power and efficiency.

The high popularity of its ammunition due to the fact that in Russia it is forbidden to use the hunting version of AK-74 cartridges. And authorized ammunition can severely damage a wrecked carcass. Hence the need to acquire something between these two types. The best option is the cartridge .223 REM.

Device CZ 527 223 REM

Build quality at an acceptable level. Despite this, sometimes you can find a factory marriage. The parts are made of high-quality materials, so a high working resource reserve - with proper care, the rifle will last for many years. For its size, it has impressive ballistic indicators.

The semi-pallet bed is made qualitatively, for its production the walnut tree is used. The bed is complemented by a “boar back” comb with a small pad. Such a device improves shooting performance offhand. The bed is coated with a medium quality varnish; it cracks from low temperatures, is susceptible to scratches, and can start peeling off. Open receiver made in a cylindrical shape. For connection with the barrel there is a thread.

The magazine holds five rounds. For the dimensions of this carbine, it is large, so it protrudes from the mine. There is no practical drawback, but the appearance deteriorates a little. The magazine is in-line, only one ammunition can be placed in the ejector window, the rest are inserted into the magazine. The magazine is extracted with the button located on the right above the forearm.

As mentioned above, the shutter is made on the type of Mauser 98, but improved by the manufacturer. It has two lugs and a long ejector lever. The receiver has been deprived of guides for combat stops. There is no sleeve on the back plate. Such a structural solution (rarely) leads to problems with the stem during full opening. A short slide stroke balances this deficiency. To remove the shutter, you must click on the latch. It is located on the left side of the back plate of the receiver.

Fuse made by the type of double action. When the “Stop” mode is activated, the flag is in the forward position, there is no red dot on the receiver. In this position, the fuse is activated, the trigger and the shutter handle are locked.

The trigger mechanism allows the owner to set their own settings: adjustment of the stroke length and the schneller. Some hunters talk about the softness of the trigger, but if you put it on the shneller, then the CZ 527 223 REM will work at the slightest press. To adjust the stroke length, use the screw next to the trigger. To activate the schneller, the trigger moves forward.

There is a standard sighting mechanism - horizontal rear sight and closed front sight. The height and position of the front sight can be adjusted relative to the muzzle. A dovetail strap is installed. It imposes restrictions on the choice of optical sighting mechanisms.

The main advantage of the gun is its compact dimensions. The weight of the discharged weapon is 2.8 kilograms. This allows you to carry and transport it without any special difficulties, while hunting does not cause discomfort.

Purchase FH 257

Choosing this Czech rifle, you need to pay attention to every little thing. Check the operation of the bolt, inspect the barrel, barrel bore and muzzle. An important feature is that even if the valve is assembled incorrectly, the gun will work stably, but the fuse will be inactive in the activated state.

An assembly error may be associated with a trigger that can be set upside down. There will be no problems with sending ammunition into the chamber, but the safety of the gun can be forgotten. Buying Cezet, you need to make sure that each node works correctly. Using a tool in which something is incorrectly installed is prohibited.

Even if you are confident in the quality of the assembly, it is recommended to carry out a small refinement after the purchase. Spare parts for the firing mechanism and shutter group should be treated with fine emery paper.

As an upgrade, you can also install an optical sight, it is done simply. With it the shooting efficiency will significantly increase: the accuracy of hits will drop to 30 millimeters with a distance of 100 meters to the target.

Owner Review

"I chose a tool for hunting small animals. I had enough power to complete all the tasks. I chose and carried out all kinds of checks, I was satisfied with the build quality. Now I own a weapon 5th year.

After the purchase set optical telescope with backlight. Before practical use on the hunt, he trained in a closed dash, targeted a rifle with a sighting machine. With an optical sight, the accuracy rate is impressive - 0.6 MOA. I use ammunition "Centaur" of two types: enveloped and semi-insulated. For 4 years of work, I have never had problems with reloading and automatic ejection of cartridges.

Most often I use a carbine for hunting groundhog. On the last hunt I got 3 individuals. The distances were different: 110, 125 and 225 meters. Despite the difficulty of aiming because of the long grass, the targets were hit with one shot to the head.

A small minus for me is the lack of chromium bore. Because of this, I prefer to clean it immediately after the end of the hunt. In field conditions I clean a flexible ramrod snake. After that, I spend a thorough inspection and re-cleaning the house with a bronze ramrod with bronze villi.


The technical characteristics of the CZ 527 223 REM and its low cost attract novice hunters. The sportsmen choose this model as the first weapon: the carbine gives excellent results in accuracy. Its maintenance is simple, the design is standard, so many owners themselves can change many components in the event of a breakdown.

The main disadvantage is the variable build quality, which is why each copy has to be carefully inspected in the store. The copied slide group from Mauser 98 only slightly resembles what Czech engineers are so proud of.

Watch the video: CZ527 cracked in under 20 rounds! lets see how CZ handles this. (January 2020).