Slovakia will replace the MiG-29 on the F-16V

The Slovak Ministry of Defense is actively moving forward in terms of re-equipping its air force with the latest American F-16 fighter of the Viper version, which will replace the outdated MiG-29.

It is planned to purchase fourteen F-16V. Slovakia’s desire to re-equip its air force with American fighters is due to the desire to break the last connecting threads with Russia.

“The most important connection with Russia is the MiG-29, which is still being produced by the Russians. And we are cutting it now by deciding on the F-16,” said the Secretary of State of Slovakia Rubert Ondreychak.

On November 30, the Department of Modernization signed projects for the renewal of national armed forces.

It is expected that all F-16V fighters will be received by Slovakia by the end of 2023.

The F-16 fighter with the designation "V", or "Viper", is the latest export version. Among the features of the modification, we can note the new radar AFAR APG-83 SABR, the engine with an increased F110-GE-132 and support for Link-16, as well as updated cabin equipment.

Watch the video: The US sold F-16s to Slovakia and this is why Russia replaced the MiG-29 with the American F-16 (October 2019).


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