Modified howitzers Zuzana 2 entered the Slovak troops

The Slovak Army is working to expand the combat capabilities of its artillery units. In particular, on December 28, it was reported that the Ministry of Defense of the Republic issued an order at KONŠTRUKTA-Defense for the production of 25 Zuzana 2 howitzers on a wheeled chassis.

The contract price is 175 million euros. The price takes into account the cost of ammunition, spare parts, tools and crew training. Shipment of armored vehicles will be completed from 2020 to 2022.

A bit of history

Installation Zuzana 2 - a modification of the howitzer ShKH vz. 77 Dana, which was adopted by the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the year 1977. Later, in 1998, the Slovak army adopted the installation Zuzana, which is a modification of "Dana" under the requirements of NATO. In service with Slovakia is 16 units of this military equipment.

Zuzana 2, developed by KONŠTRUKTA-Defense, like all older models, was built using Tatra8 * 8 wheeled chassis, the product weighs 32 tons, the firing range is 41 km, at a speed of 6 rounds per minute. The installation crew is 4 people.

Watch the video: DANA Self Propelled Gun 152mm Mobile Artillery - Overview (October 2019).


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