Russian military robots will gain artificial intelligence

Designers of combat robots believe that combat robots must be equipped with artificial intelligence in order to be able to make independent decisions on the use of weapons. In addition, combat robots must have elements of collective consciousness in order to more effectively act in a group when performing a combat mission.

This was recently reported by the Interfax news agency with reference to specialists from the Third Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

As it is known, not so long ago the first domestic combat robot “Uran-9” entered the troops. This is a remote-controlled armored vehicle, equipped with a 30-mm automatic cannon, anti-tank missiles and rocket flamethrowers. The baptism of fire device took place on the battlefields of Syria.

In addition, a wish was expressed to teach drones to analyze the combat situation and to distinguish allies from opponents.

It is noteworthy that the heads of approximately 100 companies from 26 countries of the world, among which there are Russians, signed a letter calling for the ban of combat robots. They called this weapon "Pandora's Box". If you open it, it will be difficult to slam the lid.

In general, the plot of "Terminator" as a prediction has not yet been refuted.

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