The latest military computer works under extreme conditions.

The United Instrument-Making Corporation has completed the development of the Voskhod computer for the military structure, which can be used even in extreme situations. Its functionality includes stable operation during movement and resistance to external influences. Modern protection against any kinds of pollution and water is used. Not afraid of the computer "Sunrise" and low temperature conditions, during its operation consumes about 35 watts.

Computer features

Sunrise is a hardware and software platform that can take the place of a base element for performing various computational and other processes for military units. It is possible to interact with military tablets and various automated complexes that are used to store state and military secrets.

"Standard computers have shown themselves as unstable devices during field conditions or military conflict. The system unit created by the Semenikhin NIAAA is protected by impact-resistant materials and is also completely sealed. The latest passive cooling system is used. Its main quality will be the use at temperatures from -60 to + 55 degrees. It has high fault tolerance due to the independent operation of the processor cores managed by the modified operating system. About 98% of the project are merit of Russian engineers and other specialists "- explains the head of information technology department Pavel Khripunov.

This device, as stated by the OPK staff, can provide interaction between control points, and it was created on the basis of a processor using the COMDIV-64 architecture. It is possible to create a network of clusters containing from several units to 1000 and more. It turns out, if you combine these computers, you get a device with a huge productive capacity.

The operating frequency of the processor is 800 MHz, the amount of RAM - from two to eight gigabytes. It is known that this computer will also be used in the industrial and civil sphere. Managed by the MCBC operating system based on Linux.

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