For Venezuela, now not only "Kalashnikov"?

Russia completed the main arms deals with Venezuela before the political crisis in this country began. To date, according to the remaining agreements with Caracas, Russia is supplying spare parts and is engaged in the construction of facilities for the production of Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Recall that more than seven years, from 2010 to 2017, Venezuela ranked eighth among importers of Russian weapons. According to the Center for Analysis of the World Arms Trade, its share in the Russian arms market was 4.24%. The maximum share of Venezuela in the overall balance of Russian military exports accounted for 2012 - 10.47%.

For comparison: in 2010, the share of Venezuela in the total balance of Russian military exports was 0.39%, in 2011 - 5.89%, in 2012 - 10.47%, in 2013 - 8.22%, in 2014 - 1.34%, in 2015 - 4.60%, in 2016 - 0.54% and in 2017 - 0.15%.

However, in the near future major arms deals with Venezuela are not expected. As you know, on January 23, the chairman of the National Assembly of Venezuela (the so-called parliament in the country) and part-time leader of the republican opposition, Juan Guaydo, at a rally in Caracas, declared himself acting president of the country instead of acting head of state Nicolas Maduro. The claims of the Venezuelan parliamentarian to power have been recognized by many countries, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Honduras and Panama.

The Kremlin said that they consider the legitimate elected Nicolas Maduro to be the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Watch the video: Venezuela Crisis: President Nicolas Maduro rallyies support. #GME (December 2019).


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