The form of the police and the Ministry of Interior - a review of the old and the new sample

Every serious organization must have a dress code. Clothes, made in a business style, or easier - a special uniform. First of all, the thought of the police comes to mind, and then the Russian army. Wearing a MVD uniform is not only a duty, it is a calling card of every employee of the internal troops of the MVD of Russia.

The history of special police clothing deserves attention, because the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has not bypassed a wave of reforms. Here, for example, from the very beginning of the existence of law enforcement agencies, Peter 1 himself prepared projects with activities envisaged for troops. And, of course, he himself identified the very first form of non-commissioned officers and soldiers, as a police officer.

Since 1719, for police officers it was obligatory to wear caftans and pants of cornflower blue and green pants. It was both casual and dress uniform.

Until 1811, the internal troops served as the police, and the uniform of the law enforcement officers looked like this:

  • Dark green woolen caftan, with red lining and the same cuffs;
  • Camisole, also red, short pants;
  • Stockings, black shoes, black tie;
  • Felt hat, also black;
  • Green cloak, sword belt, sword, fusil with a bayonet and cartridge bag with a sash.

After 1811, the "police forces" were distinguished by the shape of a new model - a gray uniform with a collar, yellow cuffs and red shoulder straps, trousers, boots with leggings, overcoats, shakos, bayonet guns and swords. As before, the dress uniform was absent, which made this form universal.

Evolution of the form of the police - comfort and new technologies

Time passed, compared with the old outfit, a lot of new things appeared, and the old irrevocably sunk into the abyss of history. What was previously impossible is today routine. For example, earlier in the row of police officers it was impossible to find a woman. And where without the form? Until 2018, women's casual uniforms are pretty good - kept in a business style, nothing more, except insignia. It cannot be said that it was initially perfect - the designers of clothes each time tried to make adjustments taking into account practicality and convenience.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Sergey Gerasimov said that 16 billion rubles had been allocated from the budget to the new form of internal troops. After all, the winter, summer and ceremonial uniforms of the internal troops in the set cost about 30 - 35 thousand rubles for each employee. It is important to note that in 2014, a complete renewal of the uniform of the dog service staff was carried out.

In 2014, more than 70% (and this is 12 billion rubles from the budget of Russia) of internal affairs workers received an updated uniform, thanks to changes in 2012. Since this year, the President of Russia approved the sample forms presented at the presentation. When creating clothes for the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, designers made every effort so that it was comfortable, high-tech and comfortable. For example - a fabric with a membrane coating allows you to "breathe" such clothes, while repelling moisture. This option is very practical and will serve for the joy of the staff for a very long time.

The wardrobe of civil servants was supplemented with a baseball cap (instead of a cap), a warm sweater and a jumper. Samples of the winter form were tested in more than 10 divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in different parts of the country. And the testing was completed positively - in this form it is comfortable even - 40.

The new form of the police and the Ministry of Interior of Russia - has become better?

Already in 2018 they plan to completely replace the old form of police with a new one. At the moment, statistics says about 95% of employees who have replaced the old dark gray to a new form. Even Mosfilm costume specialists participated in its creation. Designers claim that the dark blue color is not chosen in vain. It was this color that was characteristic of the pre-revolutionary police. The parade form has practically not changed in design, only the composition of the fabric. In it, 70% of wool, thanks to which the clothes are not wrinkled.

Women's summer uniforms have undergone more changes:

  • Cotton navy blue dress;
  • Scarlet scarf;
  • Hat made of felt;
  • Shoes black.

The journalists present at the presentation drew a parallel with the form of flight attendants. To which the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs answered that the only thing borrowed from Aeroflot was only a heel height of 4.5 centimeters.

At one of the many meetings of the Ministry of the Interior with the President of the Russian Federation in 2018, he asked the police lady what she could say about the new uniform. The employee noted that with her it became much easier. Wearing natural fabrics in the summer will not allow a person to overheat, and the heel height is optimal for walking. A felt hat gives sophistication and femininity, wearing this form is much more convenient than before.

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