Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-70

The BTR-70 is an armored personnel carrier of Soviet and Russian production, which is equipped with four axles (eight driving wheels). The machine can overcome trenches and water obstacles, as well as move on the water surface. Armored vehicles are used to equip motorized rifle detachments. He transports the soldiers to the designated places and fires them on foot.

general information

In the early 70s of the last century, there was a need to improve the BTR-60. Initially, the engineers wanted to install a tower with the BMP-1 on the chassis of the 60th model in order to transport paratroopers. So the BMP GAZ-50 appeared, but the project did not develop beyond the prototype stage. At its base, developed the armored personnel carrier BTR-70. Permeability improved by installing more powerful power plants.

Technique performs several tasks. First, she delivers infantry troops to the battlefield, and then provides fire support to the soldiers. For this, two machine guns are used, which are part of the BTR-70. Transport passed through a huge number of military operations in the 20th and 21st centuries. Now is in service in more than 20 countries.

The Soviet leadership adopted cars in 1971, and mass production was launched in 1976. Initially, the 70th armored personnel carrier was assembled at the Gorky Automobile Plant. Since 1986, the issue has been focused on the Arzamas enterprise.



  • Length - 7 560 mm;
  • Width - 2 800 mm;
  • Height - 2 240 mm;
  • Wheel formula - 8x8;
  • Engine - consists of two GAZ-49B engines (120 hp each);
  • Power reserve - 600 km;
  • Maximum speed over land - 80 km / h;
  • Maximum speed on the water - 10 km / h;
  • Weight - 11,500 kg.

Layout saved with 60PB. In front is the management department. It houses the mechanic and the captain. In the middle - the troop compartment, where the soldiers are located. At the rear is the engine compartment.

In the peace period, the review is carried out through windshields in the frontal part. They are equipped with windscreen wipers and heating. To protect against bullet hits, the windows are covered with armored dampers. The commander in combat conditions examines the terrain through the device TNPKU-2B and three periscopic devices. Four periscopic mechanisms are available. Loading and unloading of the captain and mechanic pass through the upper hatches in their compartment.

Body collected from armored sheets. They are interconnected by welding. The thickness of the sheets in the frontal part of the body - 8-10 millimeters, towers - 6 millimeters. The height of the equipment is less by 185 millimeters than the previous generation. For landing and disembarking hidden from the enemy, hatches are used which are located in the lower parts of the sides between the second and third axles.

The BTR-70 seats a crew of up to 6 people. Landing benches are positioned so that the soldiers sit facing the sides. They can attack opponents from the cabin from their seats. To do this, the sides have six small embrasures, which are closed with armored covers. Two periscopic devices are used for the survey of the area (one for each board).

Armament consists of two machine guns: 14.5-mm KPVT and 7.62-mm PKT. They are installed in the tower. Engineers offered an option with an automatic grenade launcher, but the project was stopped at the stage of one prototype.

The power unit consists of two eight-cylinder engines GAZ-49B. Each individually develops up to 120 horsepower. They are attached to a common frame. Heat exchangers and radiators (2 each) are responsible for cooling the oil. Fuel tanks (145 liters each) are placed in sealed compartments. This is done to reduce fire hazard. The device BTR-70 includes an automated fire system. The driver can remotely disconnect the power train from the engine. This is done in case of failure of one of the power plants (makes it possible to move on one serviceable motor).

At the heart of hodovka four axes lie, high throughput is provided with all-wheel drive. The first and second axes are controllable. For a turn to transport it is required not less than 12,5 meters. The suspension is made according to the torsion type. Wheels with detachable rim. In tubeless tires, a low level of pressure is maintained by an adjustment system. This system also allows you to move when several wheels are broken. In such a situation, the compressors operate at full capacity to maintain the required level.

The power of the power units allows you to move at a speed of 80 km / h on an asphalt road. A water propeller accelerates the vehicle up to 10 km / h while traveling by water. It consists of two steps. The maximum travel time is 12 hours. Light-alloy razdatka BTR-70 weighs 53 kg. Length - 350 mm, width - 500 mm. With it, the driver can choose a permanent drive on the two front or rear axles. Also razdatka BTR-70 transfers the drive to the winch.

The armored personnel carrier can be operated in radiation areas. On board there is a system for determining increased radiation background. The ventilation system is equipped with filters to protect the crew from radiation and chemical elements. Standard features include an intercom, radio and heater.


Based on the standard version, designers in different countries made the following varieties:

  • KSHM - modification is used as a command and command point of movement;
  • MS - technology is used for communication. The habitual tower was abolished, it was replaced by additional radio stations;
  • BTR 70M - an improved version of the classic version. Two engines replaced diesel KAMAZ-7403, which develops up to 260 horsepower. Transmission set of BTR-80;
  • TAV-77 - the 70th model of Romanian production;
  • "Thunder" - the development of Ukrainian specialists from Kharkov KB. The standard power unit was replaced with diesel UTD-20. The tower was replaced by the combat kit "Thunder", consisting of an automatic cannon, machine gun and automatic grenade launcher;
  • CBA-2 is a product of Kharkov Design Bureau. Installed motor UTD-20. KPVT replaced with a 30-millimeter gun KBA-2;
  • T - modification of the Ukrainian company "Techimpex". Many elements from the 80th model (rear lights, side hatches, etc.) are taken over. Gasoline engines changed to diesel, developing up to 312 horsepower in total;
  • BTR-7 - deep processing of the original version. Created by Ukrainian engineers. From the original car was only the body and a few technical nodes. The structure consists of Ukrainian and European modern technologies;
  • BTR 70M-A1 - modification of the Belarusian production. GAZ-49B was replaced with diesel power units (136 horsepower each). It is possible to replace the standard tower module BM-30. Air conditioning is installed inside the cabin to increase comfort;
  • BTR 70M B1 is a Belarusian version developed by the organization "140th Repair Plant". Many technical solutions were transferred from the 80th model. Two engines replaced diesel engine (260 horsepower);
  • Kobra-K is a joint development of Russian, Belarusian and Slovak specialists. Distinctive features: module of improved armament "Cobra", smoke system "Cloud" and air conditioners of German assembly;
  • The BTR 70M is an Azerbaijani product, in the development of which Russian and South African engineers also took part. Standard armor is improved, the tower is replaced by the combat module "Shimshek";
  • BTR 70M D - Kazakhstan version. Powered by D-235.9E2 engine, which develops up to 270 horsepower. The device is supplemented with Turkish thermal imagers.

The popularity of the 70th armored personnel carrier is proved by numerous modifications, which are developed in many countries around the world.

What can be concluded?

This armored personnel carrier will retain its performance for many years. Despite the presence of 80 and 90 models, equipment continues to be exploited in many countries. This is due to the high quality of transport. The simple design allows for quick repairs, and there are enough spare parts on the market.

In recent years, the BTR 70M enjoys the greatest popularity due to increased power. This has a positive effect on the tactical and technical characteristics.

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