US will print UAVs directly on the battlefield

The American company Aleph Odjects has released a compact portable 3D-printer with which the US military can print ready-to-use reconnaissance drones. The report notes that it will be possible to start the production of aircraft in the field with it. This development is positioned as a unique and unparalleled in the world.

Designers and engineers in the field of aviation and nanotechnology took part in the development of a 3D printer. Thanks to modern efforts, they received an experimental sample. His work is fully automated and for the production of drones does not require sophisticated equipment or a qualified operator.

Mass production of UAVs: a matter of time

This sample was named LulzBot and was designed primarily for marines. As representatives of the Aleph Odjects company explain, in order to begin the printing process, the operator only needs to press the “Start” button and wait 24 hours.

As previously reported, the Marine corps and US Army specialists designed a cheap drone that meets all requirements and can be effectively used in modern armed conflicts. It was under the release of these drones that the Aleph Odjects printer was developed.

According to one of the specialists participating in this program, the release of cheap UAVs will allow the military to conduct effective reconnaissance even in the trenches, without worrying about the safety of the device. The cost of printing one copy is only 200 - 300 US dollars.

Drones development

Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly used in armed conflicts. They are mainly used for reconnaissance operations or fire adjustments. However, there are other options for their use, in particular, in Syria, the use of UAVs for the delivery of improvised explosives is common. Most of these drones are collected by the artisanal method and are used one-time. Assembly does not require complex equipment or special knowledge, and the cost per unit can be less than $ 100.

Leading countries of the world are also developing attack drones, which have a large payload and can carry heavy weapons. In recent years, they have also been developing concepts for managing the “swarm” of a UAV by a single operator.

Watch the video: US Army reveals system to 3-D Printed Drones on the battlefield (February 2020).