Gun Browning: an overview of the main modifications

Browning pistols are one of the few weapon systems that got their name from the inventor's name. John Browning - just a master of his craft, a great inventor. As early as the 19th century, he developed and opened the main schemes for the operation of weapons automation to the world:

  • the use of recoil of the trunk during its short course;
  • use recoil free shutter;
  • use of recoil powder gases.

Browning 1900

Since 1895, designer Browning developed self-loading pistols. Already in 1897, he received a patent for the invention of this type of weapon. When creating a classic browning, he chose a scheme with a free gate. In 1898, he introduced his first model of a pistol - and immediately the Belgian company seized on its production. This company managed to produce three thousand pistols of this type, and Browning decided to improve its design. The 1900 pistol had a shortened and compact barrel, the weapon used 7.65 mm caliber cartridges. The official name of this pistol is "Browning 1900".

The 1900 Browning pistol was in great demand in the Russian Empire and later in the USSR.

Browns of 1903 and 1906

The gun, released in 1903, was adopted by the Belgian army.

The Browning pistol, modified in 1906, is a conventional 6.35 caliber pocket pistol, which is rather small in size. It is also called "ladies pistol". By the beginning of 1914 about 50 thousand units were produced.

Browns of 1910 and 1935

1910 models were developed for two types of cartridges. In 1922, Browning modified these models. He simply increased them, making the barrel and handle longer. Both the first and second types of pistols were in great demand in Europe before and after the Second World War. Made by the same Belgian company until 1983.

The Browning High Power Pistol was developed in 1935. The main advantages and features of this model:

  • short barrel stroke;
  • single action with open trigger;
  • magazine capacity is thirteen rounds.

These pistols are produced to this day.

After the German troops occupied Belgium, the company that produced all the Browning pistols began modifying High Power in 1935 under the new name P-640. That "High Power" is considered one of the best pistols of the twentieth century.

Over and over again, the designer Browning created compact and at the same time reliable weapon systems that surpassed all the pistols and revolvers existing at that time.

On March 29, 1911, after long tests of the US Army, the Browning self-loading pistol Colt M1911, also known as the Government Model, was adopted. This is the longest-lived army pistol - in America it lasted until the mid-1980s, in some countries it is still in service. Browning managed to create a convenient and practical weapon for all occasions, combining strength, unpretentiousness and simplicity with excellent accuracy, ergonomics. With its impressive, "brutal" form, this gun is very easy to use, which contributed to its popularity.

Video about the gun

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