Developed a polymer that fixes head injuries

Various head injuries, no matter how they got them, can backfire. The greatest danger will be those damage that were not seen. Such cases occur quite often. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania created a special polymer that changes color when a head injury is detected. The value is the strength of the damage received

The latest development will be used in protective helmets with the ability to instantly signal a received damage. Researchers plan to use this technology in the sports and military field. The project was first presented to the public at the 250th meeting of the American Chemical Society, held in Boston.

First experiments

According to the developers, the color-changing polymer is able to give signals that prevent additional injury. At the initial stages they tried to use photonic crystals produced by a new method of holographic lithography. But this method did not suit the scientists, never reaching mass production, because it takes too much money to create such a material. Polymer substances have come to the aid of the researchers; they are excellently suited to their goals, including the cost of their production.

The latest protective helmets will help improve the safety of athletes involved in hockey or American football. And their positive qualities for soldiers involved in military operations will help save many lives or avoid serious health consequences.

This development is unique in its kind, at the moment there are no analogues in the world. Various military structures and sports organizations all over the world are interested in this project. The last tests are being carried out, and in the near future mass production of such helmets is possible, but first of all it will be received by the US military, who are engaged in financing this project.

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