Donald Trump announces US withdrawal from INF Treaty

Donald Trump recently announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty on the Destruction of Medium and Short Range Missiles (RSDM). This agreement was signed in 1987 between Russia and the United States. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that retaliatory measures would be taken. Experts believe that internal political processes are associated with this decision, and the consequences may be the most serious. In the future, the complete nonproliferation of nuclear weapons is possible. All these events can destabilize most European countries.

Trump during an interview for the Fox News channel stated that Russia was to blame for the termination of the contract. He speaks of non-compliance by the Russian side of these agreements.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation called such actions “blackmail”.


The American side accused the Russian side, alleging violations during the presidency of Barack Obama. Washington claims that Russia is developing a newest cruise missile, whose range exceeds 500 kilometers. It meant rocket 9M729, which was classified by the US military - SSC-X8. The Russian side has repeatedly expressed refutations of such information.

They also talked about the development of the Avangard missile complex on the territory of the Russian Federation. In fact, this complex belongs to the intercontinental class of weapons. US military experts argue that the rocket can fly 2,000 kilometers, which would be a violation of the agreements.

Naturally, the Russian side also has something to say. Moscow has accused the US military structures of testing new missile defense systems that used target missiles that fall under the treaty’s limitations. In addition, some American drones can also be attributed to cruise missiles. American missile defense systems Aegis were also upgraded, which in theory makes it possible to use them to launch Tomahawk missiles filled with nuclear components.

Watch the video: . exit from nuclear treaty could spark countermeasures (December 2019).


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