Armored personnel carrier BTR-152 in the history of the Soviet Army

The Soviet wheeled armored personnel carrier BTR-152 is the first domestic vehicle of this type, which directly corresponds to the idea of ​​having an armored vehicle in motorized rifle subunits. The machine, created in the late 40s, managed in an instant to increase the mobility and efficiency of rifle subunits of the army units of the Soviet Army.

Machine making and serial production

The armored personnel carrier was created at the Stalin Plant (the current Moscow ZIL) in the late 40s. The team of designers led by BM Fitterman used the chassis of the Soviet five-ton truck ZIS-151 as the main base. Chassis, transmission and power unit of a new combat vehicle - the main components and parts of the truck. Technical and military equipment of the novelty was an independent development of the team of designers. By May 1947, the first prototype of an armored personnel carrier was ready for demonstration and testing.

In 1950, it was decided to put the BTR-152 into service, equipping the motorized rifle units of the Soviet Army and the border troops with a new machine. Serial armored personnel carrier was produced at two plants: in Moscow at the plant. Stalin and the Bryansk Engineering Plant. During the years of mass production from 1950 to 1955, more than 12 thousand cars were produced. in various modifications. The BTR-152 armored personnel carrier was produced until 1962.

Soviet armored personnel carrier BTR -152 on the range during the military-patriotic game

Tactical and technical characteristics of the Soviet BTR-152

  • Combat use: military conflicts of the second half of the XX century.
  • Crew - 2 people, landing - 12 people.
  • Combat weight - 8.6 tons.
  • Length - 6.55 m, width - 2.32 m, height - 2.36 m, ground clearance - 295 mm.
  • Armament: 7.62 mm machine gun (ammunition - 1250 rounds).
  • Armor thickness: 4-13 mm.
  • Carburetor engine, power 110 hp
  • Maximum speed: movement on the highway - 65 km / h.
  • Cruising on the highway - 550 km.
  • Overcoming obstacles: wall - 0.6 m, ditch - 0.8 m.

The BTR-152 armored personnel carrier was in service with the Soviet Army until 1991. In the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the machine remained on the equipment of some units until 1993. The car was delivered to the countries of the socialist camp, to the USSR-friendly political regimes of the states of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The BTR-152 armored personnel carrier took part in the Arab-Israeli conflict, during the military intervention in southern Lebanon and during the rebel wars in Mozambique and in Angola.

Photo machine

Video of the BTR-152 (test drive)

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