What is a traumatic gun Grand Power T11?

Pistol Grand Power T-11 is made by the company "Plant them. Dagtereva." T11 was developed on the basis of the famous T12, the main task of the designers was to make the new version more compact, which is why the weapon received smaller dimensions and dimensions, as a result of which it became convenient to carry it in a holster. In addition, the main difference was the trigger guard - it is an integral part of the frame of the gun. A double-sided lock was also introduced, which allows you to easily disassemble the gun. The main disadvantages of the T11 are its low power, small shop and high cost. All this we describe in detail in our review.

Grand Power T 11 Review: General Information

This traumatic pistol, which is loaded with 10x28 cartridges, has a length of 179 millimeters, a height of 118 millimeters and a width of 38 millimeters. As mentioned above, this version of Grand Power was supposed to be more compact. As a result, the length, in contrast to the T12, was reduced by 9.5 millimeters, the height by 18 millimeters, only the width remained unchanged. Also, the weapon became lighter - 737 grams versus 812 grams T12. With such dimensions, the gun is convenient to carry in a holster.

Reduce the size of the gun turned out by revising the design of the handle. So, in ZID abandoned replaceable backplates. Thus, the handle has become shorter and thinner, it had no effect on comfort. Thus, the primary task was accomplished by the developer - the T11 became more compact, which is important for weapons used for self-defense in everyday life. We can say that this weapon has become a kind of tuning T12.

For shooting in this pistol 10x28 cartridges are used. In fact, the old 10x22 cartridges were tuned, resulting in 10x28, which are used only in T11. New charges have become more durable due to the fact that the length of the sleeve has increased. This step designers reduced to a minimum the possibility of jamming 10x28 cartridges.

The technical characteristics of the instrument are as follows:

  • Cartridges 10x28;
  • 179 millimeters in length;
  • 85 millimeters - barrel length;
  • 118 millimeters in height;
  • 36 millimeters wide;
  • The weight of the discharged gun is 738 grams;
  • Store holds 10 charges.

Grand Power T 11 Review: Device

A traumatic instrument of this type, which is convenient to carry in a holster, works on the basis of a system with a free gate. The unique Picatinny guide, which is one of the main features of this weapon, is located at the front of the frame, at the bottom surface. At the base of the plastic frame is a metal frame that makes this gun more durable. The compactness of the tool was achieved due to the fact that the designers were able to place guides in the frame for moving the housing and the shutter and the trigger itself.

The barrel of this weapon also has an interesting design. So, it is made without a booster section, the lower part is equipped with a milled recess, which is very close to the bore. The lower part of the trunk has a thickness of not more than 1 millimeter. Under the barrel itself is hidden the main guide, which is responsible for the operation of the return springs. The trigger mechanism of the pistol is made very convenient for the shooter. It has a double action trigger, which has an open location. There is also a fuse that will not allow to make a random shot in a holster.

The fuse was made so that it was convenient to use as people with the right working hand, and with the left. This is implemented due to the fact that the levers of its control are located on both sides of the T11. The developers did not dwell on this, and decided to make the shop’s latch buttons, the slide latch levers and the latch latch on both sides. On the one hand, this is a good decision, so that they can comfortably control both the left and the right hand. On the other hand, because of this, the traumatic pistol has become much wider, which reduces the possibilities for wearing it covertly in a holster.

For aiming there is a plastic front sight, which can be easily removed, and a rear sight, which can be adjusted to fit along the horizontal axis. There are no white points on the sight. The stores are made according to the technology of double-row box charges, in which 17 traumatic cartridges 10x28 are placed. When using cartridges, they are rearranged in one row.

When parsing the T11, which can be covertly and comfortably carried in a holster, there is nothing difficult. It is enough just to pull down the spring-loaded steel latch bolt. It is noteworthy that the system was taken from the famous Glock gun as the basis for this method. She was very well implemented on this traumatic gun. In order to reassemble the weapon, you must also pull down the steel latch of the bolt.

Grand Power T11 review: owner reviews

The best recommendation to buy a gun, whose price is 40-50 thousand rubles, is a review from the real owner of the weapon. We have prepared for you a review from a user who agreed to share his impression of using the T-11:

"It was very gratifying that the developers deprived the new version of the complex of the flaws that the T12 owners faced. The new pistol received a monolithic trigger guard, which is covered with a plastic shell. The weapon was simplified; it was done using a two-way spring latch. In addition, it was changed barrel design. The accelerating section became shorter, the valleys were removed, deep milling of the lower part of the trunk appeared.The lower part in thickness is now about 1 millimeter, which is good news.

The handle has undergone significant tuning: it has become thicker and narrower. To be honest, at first it was very uncomfortable, now it is more or less used, but still not what is needed. I think it will be better later. Comfortable to wear T11 in a holster. So far, I do not feel that the weapon is an extension of my hand. Although this is a known disease of all compact versions of full-size guns, you just need to get used to it, because the idea of ​​maximum secrecy of wearing is at the heart of the weapon for self-defense. USM and governing bodies did not receive changes. The shutter became lighter, which made shooting more comfortable.

I think that the cut in the lower part of the trunk is too big. Yes, it reduces the price of weapons, but the question arises about reliability and durability. If I had drunk less, I would have put T11 a solid "5" for new technologies and corrected errors from my older brother, and I would only put "4". "

Summing up, we can say that the T12 has undergone a serious tuning, as a result of which an interesting self-defense pistol has appeared, which can be conveniently and covertly worn in a holster. 10x28 ammunition has acceptable power for weapons belonging to this category. We hope that our review has helped you to find out what the Grand Power T11 is and if you wanted to buy it, you were convinced of your choice.

Watch the video: Grand Power T11 (December 2019).


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