9 fastest automatic guns in the world

Modern weapons and weapons of the last century impresses us with its versatility, firepower, quality. It is rather difficult to determine exactly which automaton is better, since each automaton is good at something in its own way. Some have a high rate of fire, but low accuracy. And some, on the contrary, incredibly powerful, but very low rate of fire. The third can shoot at short distances, but it is incredibly accurate. Therefore, we have decided to make several ratings on the machines.

In this rating, we have collected 9 of the fastest machine guns in the world that have ever been created by man. In the ranking there are both modern models and models of the past century.

9. Automatic Bulkina AB-46 (TKB-415) (USSR).

Rate of fire - 600 shots per minute.

8. Automatic weapon SCAR-L (USA).

Rate of fire - 625 shots per minute.

7. AK-12 - Kalashnikov assault rifle (Russia).

Rate of fire - 650 shots per minute.

6. SIG Sturmgewehr 90 assault rifle (SG 550) (Switzerland).

Rate of fire - 700 shots per minute.

5. Small arms Heckler & Koch G36 (Germany).

Rate of fire - 750 shots per minute.

4. The rifle Steyr AUG 1977 (Austria).

Rate of fire - up to 850 shots per minute.

3. Heckler & Koch 416 assault rifle (Germany).

Rate of fire - 850 shots per minute.

2. Automatic Tavor TAR-21 1998 (Israel).

Rate of fire - 900 shots per minute.

1. Rifle FA MAS F1 (France).

Rate of fire - about 1000 shots per minute.

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