Workman amphibious operations - American tracked amphibian "Studebaker M29-C Weasel"

The American tracked amphibian "Studebaker M29-C Weasel" was the first special amphibious vehicle specially made for the needs of the warring American army. In the process of development and creation it was planned to manufacture a light armored vehicle, providing mobility of special combat units in difficult terrain. Subsequently, the tracked carrier became an integral part of all the amphibious operations of the American troops conducted in various theaters of the Second World War.

Development of the machine "Studebaker M29-C Weasel" and serial release

The car, capable of overcoming rugged, difficult terrain, including water barriers, besides delivering a small military unit to its destination, began to be designed in 1940. In accordance with the technical specifications, designer Jeffrey Pike decided to make a new amphibious tracked carrier capable of delivering paratroopers to any specified point, moving on any type of soil.

The first prototype of the car, which received the T15 index, was ready in 1943. The basis of the vehicle design lay armored waterproof body and the power plant brand Studebaker Model 6-170 “Champion”. After adopting a new amphibian into service with the American army, the car received the name of the crawler amphibian "Studebaker M29-C Weasel", which means "weasel" (fur animal). Over the years of production from 1943 to 1945, more than 15 thousand vehicles of this type were supplied to the American army.

The American infantry is moving aboard the amphibian "Studebaker M29-C Weasel" through the wetland on. Okinawa, May 1945

Tactical and technical parameters of the crawler amphibian "Studebaker M29-C Weasel"

  • Combat weight: 2.19 tons.
  • Crew: 1 person, landing party - 3 people.
  • Dimensions: length - 3200 mm, width - 1600 mm, height - 1800 mm, clearance - 280 mm.
  • Armament: absent.
  • Tug weight: 1.7 t.
  • Engine: Studebaker Model 6-170 Champion. Type - 6-cylinder, carburetor, power - 70 hp
  • Maximum speed: on the highway - 58 km / h, afloat - 6.4 km / h.
  • Overcoming obstacles: wall - 0.61 m, ditch - 0.91 m.

Tracked amphibious "Studebaker M29-C Weasel" first hit the front in the autumn of 1944, participating in the promotion of American troops in northern France. In the future, the machine was actively used in amphibious operations in the Pacific as part of the US Marine Corps.

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