Revolver Colt: description of the models Navy and Python

The first capable revolver with the Colt system was ignited by Samuel Colt in December 1835. In 1847, production began in the state of Hartward, where several unique models of revolvers were developed. Unusual for these types of weapons was a rotating drum loaded with several bullets, which ensured a high rate of fire inaccessible to a single-shot type of revolvers.

Colt Navy naval revolver

The revolver was developed by Colt and was originally intended to equip US warships. It was introduced by Samuel Colt at the London Exhibition in 1851.

Serial production was started at the London-based Colt's Manufacturing Company, continued at the production facilities of the London Armory, which produced this model from 1861 to 1873.

In this model, the colt used the capsule principle of operation. It involves the use of individual primers, put on the tube (brandtrubku), located on the drum chamber. When loading, gunpowder was poured into each chamber, which was densely upset by a bullet with the help of a lever from the top, after which it was attached to the brand tubes.

Looking at the drawing of the Colt Navi revolver, you can see that its full charging equipment consists of:

  • powder flasks with smoky black powder;
  • 44 or 36 round lead bullets with a weight of 6,221 grams (96 grains);
  • six charging chambers in a drum with horizontal capsules;
  • impact capsule CCI number 11.

Colt Navi 1851 has an octahedral blued barrel with fairly good accuracy and a front bead.

The trigger mechanism with a single action was upgraded by installing a locking peg between the chambers. In case of accidental triggering due to incomplete rotation of the drum, unforeseen ignition or detonation of the primer became impossible.

Some tactical and technical characteristics of the revolver Colt Navy

  • Aim range shooting - 75-80 meters;
  • Overall length - 330-335 mm.;
  • Weight can be from 1200 to 1300 grams;
  • The initial speed of the bullet m / s - for caliber 36 - 255; for the 44 caliber - 230.

To protect the charged drum from dirt or moisture, a little grease was applied to the top of the chamber with the bullets installed. For lubricating the revolver, they used everything that came to hand: beeswax, lard, and even soap.

Interestingly, the Colts of Navi 1851 are the first capsule revolvers that were massively converted into a unitary cartridge. In such a cartridge, the means of ignition and the powder charge were combined into a single sleeve.

This revolver was in service with not only the US Army during the Civil War of the states of the South and the North, but also the officers of the Russian Empire, Prussia, Austria-Hungary.

In the armory history of the Colt Navy 1851, to this day is considered one of the flawless and brilliantly executed primers revolvers.

Video: Colt Navy Revolver Shooting

Elite revolver Colt Python

The Colt Python is the first post-war model of a revolver of a famous American company. Began to issue since 1955. They have excellent quality performance and incomparable shooting accuracy. Since 1966, the model Colt Python is available only for individual orders, single workshops.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the revolver Colt

There are four modifications of the Python family, the main difference of which is the length of the trunk. All variations are trunk length: 64 mm, 102 mm, 153 mm, 203 mm.

  • The barrel has six left-sided rifling.
  • Used powerful cartridge - .357 Magnum.
  • Drum with capacity - 6 rounds.
  • The initial departure speed is 410 m / s.
  • Weight without ammunition in grams: 1006, 1077, 1233, 1386.

Characteristics of the "Python"

If you look at the Colt Python drawing, a number of specific structural elements are noticeable.

  1. The inner bore of the barrel is polished using a special technology and is gradually narrowed along the entire length of the barrel to the exit bullet hole. This feature causes the bullet to gently enter the rifling, which significantly increases the accuracy of shooting.
  2. Automatic fuse with the ability to completely lock the trigger when the trigger is not fully pressed.
  3. Passing under the barrel elongated, reaching to the muzzle cover of the core of the extractor of spent cartridges.
  4. Bar above the barrel with special holes for cooling and ventilation of the barrel.
  5. Improved double-trigger firing mechanism.
  6. The open aiming device has an adjustable rear sight and bright inserts suitable for use in the dark time of the day.
  7. The inertial firing pin is located directly in the frame of the revolver.

High-precision, high-quality Colt Python suitable for self-defense, hunting, target shooting and concealed carry.

Video review revolver Colt Python

Watch the video: 1851 Navy Colts (December 2019).


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