US Army will receive 50 improved Sentinel radars

The deal, announced by the US Department of Defense on December 28, involves the purchase of 50 Sentinel A3 radars and related spare parts. It is also noted that the contract is worth more than 51 million dollars.

"Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Fullerton, California, received a contract worth $ 51,901,116 with a fixed price to purchase 50 Enhanced Sentinel A3 radars and related parts," said a Pentagon source.

Work will be performed in Fullerton, California, with an estimated completion date of December 30, 2022.

AN / MPQ 64A3 Enhanced Sentinel Radar is a 3D radar used for short-range air defense weapons (SHORAD).

Sentinel is the only air defense radar with 360-degree coverage in the current US Army arsenal. It is equipped with a phased antenna array 3 DX Band, which provides a range of up to 75 kilometers.

The advanced Sentinel Radar also has a modernized radar control terminal (RCT) with a Linux-based RCT operating system with support for an Ethernet router that allows you to integrate the radar with the IAMD architecture.

Watch the video: Finally! American Army Buys 50 improved Sentinel radars (October 2019).


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