In Russia, demonstrated REX - antidron

In the capital of our country at the twelfth international exhibition "Interpolitech-2018" concern "Kalashnikov" demonstrated the killer of drones. Domestic development under the name REX 1 can create an impenetrable barrier for UAVs of any configurations.

As the practice of wars in Syria and Donbas shows, flying compact UAVs have become a serious threat to manpower and technology.

By virtue of their flight transport capabilities, they can perform many functions from intelligence to point bombardment.

Moreover, as experts note, drones are now widely used to adjust artillery fire and rocket attacks. This makes the position of any army very vulnerable, regardless of location on the front line.

For example, in Iraq, as reported by experts, compact home-made bombs damaged the Abrams and resulted in the complete destruction of the armored Hummers. In Syria, as a result of one of these attacks, a large ammunition depot was completely destroyed.

Electro-magnetic rifle REX 1 solves a lot of problems when fighting with drones. In particular, it suppresses communication channels with unmanned flyers at a distance of up to 500 meters, which makes it impossible to control them. It is noteworthy that to arrange a veil for signals from a satellite to an unmanned aerial vehicle a new gun can be within a radius of two kilometers. Once in this signal neutralization zone, the drone lands helplessly, turning into a trophy.

By the way, the REX 1 is equipped with a kind of blaster, which with its laser beam allows you to disable the entire optical-electronic system of the drone.

The dimensions of the electronic gun are very compact: length - 70 cm, weight - 4.5 kg. Endurance his envy any small arms. REX 1 can be used for its intended purpose in temperature conditions from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

By the way, according to experts who have appreciated the capabilities of the new electronic weapons at the exhibition, REX 1 today is one of the most advanced antidronics.

Watch the video: Anti-drone gun: Kalashnikov presents its REX-1 (January 2020).