NATO imports American weapons to the Baltic republics

According to the publication “Sputnik Latvia”, by 2020, American armored vehicles of the Stryker type will be imported into the territory of the Baltic countries. These vehicles will be equipped with artillery weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles, lasers and air defense systems.

Today, the Pentagon is upgrading the specified armored vehicles. On board the updated "Strayker" will be installed short-range missiles Hellfire and Stinger, as well as anti-tank systems Javelin, unmanned vehicles Shrike 2, with the possibility of vertical takeoff. In addition, military lasers capable of destroying enemy unmanned vehicles will be installed.

The decision to import the modified Stryker armored vehicles to Europe was made on the basis of a report by the RAND research center (a non-profit organization that functions as a strategic research center operating on the instructions of the US government) on Russia's hostile measures against Europe. This document refers to Russia's paranoid and aggressive attitude towards the expansion of NATO to the east.

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