Who was going to attack China?

The Celestial Empire is seriously considering the possibility of a preemptive strike in the event of a whipping up of the foreign policy situation and the continuation of threats to the country. The new military doctrine, which is seriously being developed in China, is called the "proactive planning strategy."

Until recently, the Chinese army, in fact, like all the armies of the former socialist bloc, was preparing exclusively for a defense war. However, a change in the circumstances of foreign policy forced the Communist Party and the Ministry of Defense of the country to somewhat reconsider the guidelines. In particular, the option of delivering an unexpected blow to the enemy first is being considered.

In the country's media, more and more menacingly, there are calls to reorient the army from defense thinking to preventive.

According to the South China Morning Post, China has become stronger both economically and in terms of its foreign policy influence and will not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairs.

The geo-strategic situation around the country continues to heat up. Already, on several occasions, threats have been heard from Washington about unleashing a cold war against China. Beijing is accused of trying to manipulate American democracy. In addition, the initiative to create a pan-European army "to balance" at the same time the United States, Russia and China is roaming around Europe.

In general, one must assume that Beijing is tired of such an attitude. And he decided to give a sharp answer.

By the way, currently in China, the modernization of cyber weapon systems and the development of the latest unmanned aerial vehicles are in full swing.

Watch the video: China has been configuring their military to attack US for decades: Gordon Chang (December 2019).


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