CZ 75 - Czech self-loading pistol

The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic battle gun, which was developed in 1975 by engineers from Czechoslovakia. A year after its creation, the instrument was shown to the whole world, after which it became very popular. In our years in the Czech Republic weapons are listed in service with the police.

History of creation

On the creation of a pistol worked brothers Koutski in a small town. Designers created a weapon for future exports to foreign countries. Its design was offered as a replacement for modern large-sized pistols, which were used by special services all over the world. He made a 9x19 Parabellum ammunition. After some time, a version adapted for powerful cartridges was released.

The first show to the arms community of the whole world was carried out in 1976 in Madrid. At the exhibition CZ 75 SP gathered a lot of sympathy. Mass production began in 1977, the arms company from the Czech Republic. At that time, the gun did not enter into service with the special services of Czechoslovakia and the Warsaw Pact countries, as it was powered by charges that were not part of the countries' weapons.

It was taken up by the special services of the Department of Internal Affairs, as it was ahead of the current weapons in terms of technical characteristics and power. Immediately after production, it was noticed in western countries, as a result of which export was adjusted. In the 90s there was a demand in the USA and Western Europe.

A few years after the launch of the serial production, the rights to own the product were sold to Italian and Swiss companies. The production of weapons was concentrated in Turkey, the USA and Israel. The device of the gun has become the basis for many popular models used today.

CZ 75 device


As mentioned above, the gun is powered by 9x19 Parabellum cartridges. The capacity of the double-row box magazine is 15 rounds. The hull and some parts are made of high-strength weapon steel with a high carbon content. Burnished surface is covered.

The Czech plant, which has been producing since 1975, has an established technology that provides high quality coatings. In this case, the price refers to the budget segment.

The first prototype had distinctive features from the modern version. The front of the casing was narrowed, the trigger guard had a smooth finish, and there was no front overhang. The serial version received a plastic lining and a trigger with a needle.

Plants produce gift options that differ in the following elements:

  • The frame and shutter-casing are decorated with hand engraving;
  • The handles are made of walnut;
  • Gilding covered external controls various nodes.

There are minor differences in the military version. The trigger has a round head, and the lining on the handle is made of walnut.

Automation and USM

The basis of the work of automation is recoil in the short course of the trunk. To lock the canal, the declining breech is used. Warheads are located on the top of the barrel in front of the chamber.

The grooves in which the lugs are placed are located in the surface of the bolt-casing. When the shaped groove interacts with the axis of the slide delay, a decrease occurs. The movement of the shutter-casing occurs along the guides located inside the frame.

USM is made on the trigger type with double action. There is the possibility of safety trigger cocking. The design of the firing mechanism is placed in a separate unit. This design solution simplifies the maintenance of the CZ 75 SP.

The design of the drummer is made by the inertial type. The ejector has an open layout. It is also an indicator for the shooter if there is any ammunition in the chamber at the moment.

Rest device

A safety device is responsible for the safety of use - in the activated state it blocks the sear and the shutter-casing. The safety lever is located above the handle on the left side of the frame. Also on this side there is a magazine latch and a slide delay lever.

Classic sighting mechanism. Equipped with unregulated front sight and entirely. Rear wing fixed in the position "dovetail", at will, each owner can make lateral amendments.

A special feature is the use of the mechanism of Charles Peter, that is, the shutter-casing moves along the guides, which is located inside the frame. This approach provided a backlash-free movement of the mechanism, which positively affected the accuracy of shooting. The guide grooves are the same length as the frame.


The CZ 75 pistol is powered by powerful charges with good stopping and penetrating bullet forces. Shooting efficiency increases with the use of class + P and + P + cartridges with expansive or armor-piercing bullets.

Large tilt angle provides high ease of operation of the weapon. This also contributes to the shape of the handle, the base of which was taken from the legendary FN Browning High Power. The gun fits well in the hand during firing by recoil.

High firepower is achieved not only due to good technical characteristics, but also due to the large capacity of the store. Flap fuse complicates the work with the gun, which is considered one of the main drawbacks.

The operation of the mechanism after the shot

After the shot, the movement to the rearmost position begins the barrel and bolt under the influence of powder gases. At this moment there is a pushing out of the sleeve from the locked chamber.

The breech of the gun is reduced due to the movement of the barrel and the bolt. The barrel emerges from the clutch with the bolt and stops its movement.

The bolt cover finishes the process of ejecting the cartridge case and cocks the trigger. After this, the return spring influences the casing and begins its movement in the opposite direction. During the movement to the initial position, a new ammunition is being filled in the chamber.

When the casing returns to its original position, the breech of the gun rises back. After that, the barrel and bolt are coupled again to repeat the cycle.

Modifications CZ 75 SP

Based on the classic version, a lot of modifications were released:

  • CZ-75BD - the safety lever is replaced by a docker - a mechanism for safe trigger release from a combat platoon;
  • CZ-85 - levers of a safety lock and a barrier delay are on both sides of the body: it allows to use the tool both right-handed and left-handed;
  • CZ 75 Kadet - adaptation to .22 LR small-caliber ammunition;
  • CZ 75 FA - automatic variation with a long barrel (15 centimeters). It is possible to fire bursts;
  • CZ 75 P-01 - the frame is made of aluminum alloy;
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical - equipped with a picatinny rail;
  • CZ 75 Standard IPSC - sports version of the weapon;
  • Norinco NZ-75 - Chinese copy.

In which countries is it used?

A large number of positive reviews, high efficiency, reliability and a large supply of working resource - only a small part of the reasons for which the Czech brainchild became widespread:

  • Georgia - used by the national army;
  • Egypt - the party for 80 thousand copies arrived at the disposal of law enforcement agencies in 2014;
  • Kazakhstan - used by special power units, is a gift tool;
  • Kyrgyzstan - a gift gun for services to the fatherland;
  • Lithuania - used by military personnel;
  • Poland - is in service with the police;
  • Russia - used by employees of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, in 2011 he was counted among the list of gift weapons for services to the country;
  • Slovakia - used by police special forces;
  • Slovenia - used by police officers;
  • USA - used by the police headquarters of several states; it is used by the Delta group;
  • Thailand - is in service with the army emergency response units;
  • Turkey - large quantities purchased for the local police;
  • Ukraine - equipped with a special unit "Cobra";
  • Czech Republic - is in service with the police.

What can be concluded?

CZ 75 SP - a quality tool that is popular all over the world. Practical and simple design was the occasion for the creation of numerous copies, which were even more common on all continents. Production continues today, engineers are regularly engaged in improving the technical characteristics of the gun.

Watch the video: CZ-75 Shadow 2 (February 2020).