Iran is going to buy Russian weapons for $ 8 billion

According to information published by the Kommersant newspaper, Iran is considering the option of purchasing Russian weapons and military equipment.

On February 15, a delegation from Iran and the Minister of Defense Hossein Dehgan visited the capital of Russia. The head of the department met with Sergei Shoigu, as well as Vladimir Kozhin - Putin's assistant for military-technical cooperation. Dmitry Rogozin, deputy prime minister for the defense industry, was also invited to take part in the conversation. In his article "Kommersant" refers to an anonymous source, who also clarified that the Iranian minister could personally meet with Vladimir Putin during his Moscow visit.

The publication notes that a meeting with Dehgan could contribute to the conclusion of the most important arms deals. The Iranian delegation handed over to Moscow a list of weapons that it would like to purchase. Currently, the document has been studied by the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense.

The list of weapons and equipment that the Iranian side is interested in could include Su-30SM fighters, Mi-8/17 helicopters, and Bastion complexes with the Yakhont supersonic anti-ship missile, Yak-130 combat training aircraft and a number of other equipment. If the Russian side tried not to comment on the conjectures about possible cooperation with Iran, its colleagues willingly told reporters about the results of the conversation. In an interview with Iranian media, Dehgan partially confirmed the conjectures, saying that the agency wants to conclude an agreement on the supply of Su-30 to Tehran, as well as to begin cooperation in the development of the fighter.

Iran’s interest in Iran’s T-90 tanks was reported by Kiomars Heidari, Iran’s commander of the ground forces. Heydari clarified that the country is interested not only in purchasing equipment, but in obtaining technologies for its production. The interlocutor of Kommersant gave his assessment of this statement, saying that the issue will be resolved for a long time, but Russia may allow the assembly of the T-90 in Iran. In addition, Iran can enlist the support of Russia in the repair of the local Su-24MK and MiG-29Y fleets, as well as submarines.

Because of the UN resolution adopted last year restricting the supply of weapons to Iran, the plans of the Russian-Iranian partners may collapse. In addition, Iran is going to buy weapons on credit, but for Moscow this option is unacceptable because of the crisis.

Recall, according to the resolution of the UN Security Council, to supply weapons to Tehran can only be obtained by prior approval of the Council. The restriction is valid until 2020, so for at least another 4 years Russia will not be able to supply Iran with weapons of the Su-30SM type, submarines and frigates. Analyzing the situation, experts say that the US is likely to veto a request to the UN Security Council, so in the coming year it will not be possible to establish cooperation with Russia and Iran on arms sales for huge amounts.

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