Chinese soldiers are trained to control robots

You should forget about the joysticks and exoskeletons. In the military operations of the future will take part robots, which are controlled by human thoughts. At the Military Institute of the People's Republic of China, soldiers are trained to use special headsets that decode brain indices in order to translate them into instructions for robots.

The first demonstration of such a robotic technology, which can control the thoughts, was held at the Defense Science and Technology University. Students were able to make cars move in the right direction, as well as turn their heads, move limbs and pick up objects.

The control of robots was carried out through a special system connecting the brain and the computer. But the head of the operator wore a rubber helmet with electrodes that detect brain activity by electroencephalography. The latest technology was created in the laboratory of the military academy.

The first development is designed for use in military structures. While the technology is in its very first stages, in the future it will probably help to use robots instead of soldiers during military conflicts.

According to China News, referring to the project manager, today the number of successful orders is about 70%. This institution has already become famous throughout the world for projects in the field of information wars.

Similar studies in the United States

In the United States of America, a similar technology was introduced in 2017. The interface allows you to mentally stop the person in real-time robot. In the future, they were able to achieve control of the robot with the help of thoughts and gestures. In both cases, a robot named "Baxter" was used. It is planned to provide a working version of the interface at the upcoming conference on robotics in Pittsburgh.

The latest American development works on a similar pattern with the Chinese version, using electroencephalography. It differs only in that in addition you have to move your hands.



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