Why did the American landing ship come to the Black Sea?

The USS FortMcHenry assault ship, assigned to the 6th Fleet, arrived in the Black Sea. This was reported on the information resources of the naval forces stationed in Europe and Africa.

Liza Franchetti, commander of the 6th Fleet, said that the arrival of the 6th Fleet of the US fleet in the Black Sea was intended to confirm its determination to maintain security in the region and reinforces our relations with local partner countries of the United States.

According to the "Ukrainian Pravda", the vessel will be involved in conducting joint exercises with allies.

Some subtleties

On board the USS Fort McHenry is located up to 1500 marines. For their disembarking on a ship, hovercraft and landing craft are provided. On board Fort McHenry there is also a landing pad for helicopters or convertoplanes.

By the way, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Fort McHenry’s actions were under the control of the Pytlivy patrol ship. The American ship entered the water area on January 6 and according to some data, on the 7th it was already in the Romanian port of Constanta.

Watch the video: News Alert: . Warship Enters Black Sea Amid Russia Tensions With Ukraine (October 2019).


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