Gun Yarygin (Grach MP-443) - performance characteristics and design features

In the early 1990s, the USSR Ministry of Defense announced a competition for a new combat pistol, the technical characteristics of which were to exceed the performance of the 9-mm Makarov pistol. The program to create a new army pistol received the code name of R & D "Grach".

In 2000, the winner of the competition was the combat model of a pistol of the Yarygin system, and it was recommended as the main short-barreled weaponry of the army of the Russian Federation. Simultaneously with the pistol, a new cartridge was created, surpassing domestic 9x18 cartridges in stopping and penetrating action.

Mass production of PU (under the name "Grach" MP-443) was adjusted in 2011.

Today, the Yarygin 6P35 self-loading pistol (the Grau index) is serially produced at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and enters into service with special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Armed Forces, and internal troops.

Work Design and Technical Specifications

Gun Yarygin uses automation, based on the use of recoil energy in the hard locking of the barrel and its short course. When the pistol is in operation, the barrel is engaged with the bolt by means of a clutch by the front surface of the window to reflect the sleeves, and the clutch is disengaged with the help of a cam groove on the clutch.

The gun of Yarygin belongs to a personal weapon of defense and attack, uses 9 mm cartridges with a bullet of increased penetrability and is suitable for hitting targets at a distance of up to 50 m. Shooting is a single shot.

The main TTX pistol Yarygin "Rook":

  • Overall dimensions (length / width / height), mm - 198/38/145;
  • the capacity of the store, pcs - 18;
  • barrel length, mm - 29.7;
  • weight, kg - 0.95.

Different variations of the gun Yarygin

Yarygin's combat pistol became the basis for several civilian modifications:

  • pneumatic gas gun MP-655K caliber 4.5 mm;
  • traumatic pistol MP-472 "Vintuk" chambered for 10 x 23 mm;
  • MR-353 traumatic pistol with a traumatic chambered for .45 Rubber;
  • sports pistol with plastic frame MP-446C "Viking".

The most famous air pistol MP-655K was developed at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and fully reproduces the appearance and design of the Grach lifting device. His appointment - entertaining and training shooting. Lead bullets of the Diabolo type (a drum containing 8 bullets) or spherical steel balls “BB” with a diameter of 4.5 mm are used for it. A 12 gram carbon dioxide gas cartridge allows for up to 150 shots. The device of the firing mechanism MR-655K allows firing both with a preliminary cocking of the trigger and self-cocking.

The LP gas cylinder MP-655K has a special one, imitating a combat raised-barrel with a very solid diameter of 13 mm. This feature is due to the presence of a special bunker shop for steel balls. Its capacity is 100 balls of explosives caliber 4.5 mm. The feeder of balls has an original design and provides their uninterrupted giving at any position of the gun.

The basis for the creation of the traumatic MR-353 was the self-loading sports MR-446 "VIKING". His appointment - active self-defense, training shooting. The device of the traumatic version differs from the combat one in that the valve uses the free type of recoil. The barrel of the gun is fixed and secured in the gate. It also includes two welded barriers that do not allow firing live ammunition.

The traumatic MP-353 is equipped with a flag-type safety mechanism that ensures safety when handling the gun. When it is turned on, the sear, the bolt and the trigger are locked both in the deflated position and in the cocked position.

The trigger mechanism double action MP-353 has an open trigger. This allows you to fire with a pre-cocked trigger or self-cocked. Sights of the model are open type and are not subject to adjustment. For orientation with poor visibility on the rear sight and the front sight white spots are plotted.

Features of disassembly-assembly

Dismantling gun Yarygin may be partial or complete. Incomplete disassembly is done for inspection, lubrication and cleaning of the gun. Full - for cleaning with heavy pollution, change of lubrication, repair, after being in the snow, rain.

Partial and complete disassembly are carried out strictly in a certain sequence and subject to the rules:

  • preliminary detailed study of the device gun;
  • dismantling is carried out on a clean bedding;
  • do not use strong blows and excessive efforts;
  • mechanisms and details put in order of disassembly;
  • at the end of the assembly check its correctness.

It should be remembered that you should not make a complete disassembly of the gun too often.

Weight and size mockups

For collectors and simply lovers of short-barreled weapons, mass-dimensional models of various modifications of the Yarygin pistol are in special demand. MMG of small arms is a real weapon, withdrawn from the state of combat in such a way that the possibility of a combat shot is completely excluded. This is achieved by bringing in the non-working state of its main parts, making structural changes in them.

Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant OJSC produces a mass-dimensional model (MMG) of 9 mm PYa Viking system. This is a complete copy of the gun, which is externally, constructively, functionally, and is identical in mass to the existing combat model. Its distinguishing feature is the complete deactivation (impossibility of combat shooting) due to certain constructive improvements (propylene drilled or drilled, drilled magazine, missing drummer, breech brewed). MMG PJ "Viking" can perform:

  • cocking the hammer and moving the fuse flag to the PR / ML position;
  • detaching the box magazine;
  • imitation of the patron of the patron in the chamber;
  • trigger mechanism when you press the trigger.

Possible incomplete disassembly and assembly of the layout.

The shutter at the layout is made of carbon steel, the frame is made of impact-resistant polymer, and the barrel is made of stainless steel, the frame material is polymer. USM MMG pistol "Viking" double action has an openly located trigger. Double-sided, non-automatic fuse located on the frame. When enabled, locks the bolt, trigger and sear. Sights adjustable or fixed sports type, rear sight is placed on the gate in a groove of the type "dovetail".

MMG "Viking" is suitable not only for lovers of collectible weapons, but also for training and learning the skills of safe use of weapons (except for shooting). It is perfectly possible to study the material part of the pistol, learn how to properly disassemble and assemble it.

On the basis of the MMG pistol Yarygin, an LT-110PYU training laser laser pistol with an LT-510 emitter with a pulsed mode of operation and a visible red beam is produced. It is produced in St. Petersburg on LLC Lazertreyd.

Video about gun Yarygin

Watch the video: Russian PYa (December 2019).


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