Medium tank T-54 - the next step towards the creation of a new type of armored combat vehicle

The Soviet medium tank T-54 is a transitional type of armored combat vehicle. Work on the creation of a new medium tank for the Soviet Army began to be conducted immediately after the end of the Second World War. Created on the basis of the legendary T-44 tank, the T-44 tank was not very responsive to the tasks set, therefore it was decided to carry out a radical modernization of the vehicle to meet the new requirements. The first prototype of the improved version of the T-44 was ready as early as January 1945, but subsequent tests required significant adjustments.

Adoption and start of serial production of the T-54 tank

Subsequent prototypes of the tank received a new rounded turret shape, designed for the installation of a powerful 100 mm gun. The thickness of the armor on the car was significantly increased, increasing the survivability of the tank. According to the results of complex tests, the new machine under the T-54 index was adopted in April 1946.

From 1946 to 1947, 600 cars of this type were produced. Subsequent copies were a product of the constant modernization of the machine.

The first prototype of the Soviet tank T-54 at the site in Kubinka, January 1945

Tactical and technical characteristics of the Soviet medium tank T-54

  • Crew - 4 people.
  • Combat weight - 36 tons.
  • Machine dimensions: length - 9 m, width - 3.27 m, height - 2.4 m, clearance - 425 mm.
  • Armament: 100-mm gun (unitary loading);
  • Direct shot range - 1200 m, armor penetration (90 degrees): at a distance of 500 m - 150 mm, at a distance of 1000 m - 135 mm, at a distance of 2000 m - 100 mm, ammunition - 34 projectiles;
  • Two 7.62-mm machine guns (ammunition - 3500 rounds) and an anti-aircraft 12.7-mm machine gun (ammunition load - 250 rounds).
  • The main types of ammunition: caliber armor-piercing, high-explosive shells.
  • Armor thickness: body front - 120 mm, board - 80 mm, tower 200 mm.
  • Diesel engine, power 520 hp
  • Maximum speed on the highway - 50 km / h.
  • Cruising on the highway - 330 km.
  • Overcoming obstacles: wall - 0.8 m, ditch - 2.7 m.

Due to the short duration of serial production and the historical period, the medium tank T-54 of the 1946 model did not have combat practice. Newly received new vehicles were used by crews for training purposes when moving to newer and more advanced vehicles.

Photos of the tank in 1951

Video about t-54

Watch the video: T-54 T-55 Main Battle Tank - Overview (December 2019).


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