The newest autonomous vessel passes the last tests

The Agency for Advanced Defense Research and Development (DARPA) (USA) has begun the final stage of creating its own 40-meter autonomous ship, the main task of which will be tracking the enemy's submarines. The ship has already launched the military dock in Portland, where speed tests are performed.

Special features

This ship was called Anti-Submarine Warface Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel ("Unmanned vessel for continuous tracking of enemy combat submarines"). At the first stage of speed tests, the ship was able to accelerate to 50 km / h, which ideally corresponds to the constructive qualities. It is assumed that during the execution of combat missions this unmanned ship will be able to exceed this figure.

The ship has special radars of various ranges, which will help to detect submarines. The engine runs on a diesel-electric basis, while it is fairly quiet. Thanks to these qualities, it is quite difficult to detect. The system capabilities of the ship allow you to pursue the enemy for a long time, constantly interfering with him. Autonomous ship can be used for rapid transportation of cargo across the sea.

Recent tests

Ahead there are some more various test tests in California. It is necessary to fully verify the automated information processing system, which is extremely important for stand-alone devices. Plans to work out the possibilities of interaction with several vessels at once. The exact date of completion of the project has not yet been disclosed to the public, but if the last tests succeed, the ship will be handed over to the United States Navy this year.


DARPA is one of the leading US agencies responsible for developing new technologies for the US military. Their activities are aimed at obtaining technological excellence in this area. The government provides them with huge budgets of three billion dollars annually.

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