Laser gun will disperse protesters in the US

Engineers from the Pentagon's Non-lethal Weapons Laboratory presented their new development - a modern acoustic laser gun. It is capable of transmitting sounds over long distances, including the recorded human voice. But so far they have demonstrated the basic principle of operation of the device, which is based on laser radiation.

The gun consists of 2 lasers. The first, femtosecond, creates a plasma ball at the pickup point, and a nanolaser shoots a beam at it. Having received the signal, the sphere responds with a loud sound and a bright flash. Several test trials were conducted at a special test site. Scientists managed to direct the laser to a distance of 30 kilometers from the place of the shot.

But the most interesting thing is that the gun can transmit not only noise, but also synthesized speech to influence Protestants. The volume will reach 150 dB, which is equivalent to the noise from a supersonic aircraft. In the LARD (Acoustic Device for Long-Range) are built several electromagnetic speakers. They are set at an angle to create a resonance effect. This allows you to form an acoustic beam with a divergence angle from 30 to 60 degrees.

The Pentagon plans to use the device both in combat operations and to disperse illegal demonstrations. On the Internet, you can watch a video that demonstrates the principle of the laser gun. But first you need to fasten the sound of the speakers so as not to damage your hearing and not get scared.

This is not the only such development. In the 1990s, the Rays of Pain were created. This weapon consists of an antenna and a microwave radiator. It is able to heat human skin to 44 ° C and cause a strong burning sensation.

Watch the video: Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System V-MADS (January 2020).