GAZ-22171 Sable for commercial traffic

GAZ-22171 Sobol - Russian-made minivan, which is used to transport cargo weighing up to 900 kilograms and passengers. Available since 2003. Consumers appreciate transport for small size and good maneuverability in urban environments.

General information about GAZ-22171 Sobol

A distinctive feature from other cars of the complex is the roof of medium height. There are two versions of the car - 6 - and 10-seater.

The first is used as a business vehicle. This is facilitated by a convenient arrangement of seats (face to face), armrests, headrests and a folding table with a lamp for lighting. In this cabin it is convenient to conduct negotiations, work with a computer and get acquainted with office documentation.

The second option is found as a taxi. Some owners install extra seats to increase capacity. Also, a low-tonnage truck is used in the social and tourist areas and in the municipal and emergency services.

High-quality heating and ventilation provide comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers. For additional cooling of the air inside during the summer, sliding windows and a sunroof installed in the roof are used. Sound insulation is average. While driving, you can easily communicate with another person. Back and side doors are used for loading and unloading.

Design and characteristics of GAZ-22171 Sable

Dimensions of GAZ-22171:

  • Length - 4.8 m;
  • Width - 2.1 m;
  • Height - 2.2 m;
  • Wheelbase - 2.8 m.

Under the hood of the transport is the power plant ZMZ-4063 (including version 4x4). This is a gasoline engine running on fuel AI-92. Works together with the carburetor. Equipped with four cylinders. Each has four valves. Working volume - 2.3 liters. The maximum engine power is achieved at 4.5 thousand revolutions and is 110 horsepower. This is enough for the development speed of 115 km / h. Average fuel consumption - 11.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The maximum torque of 19.5 Nm develops at 2.5 thousand revolutions. The ignition system is microprocessor-based.

Manual transmission is fully synchronized. It consists of six steps - five front and one rear. Friction clutch consists of a single disc, made on the dry type. The drive is carried out by the hydraulic mechanism.

The front suspension is spring independent, includes two levers. The basis of the design are gas-filled shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. Rear suspension dependent. Designers provided her device with modern mechanisms for stable operation. The basis consists of two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs with anti-roll bars. Also there are hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers double action.

Safety is ensured by a high-quality hydraulic type brake system consisting of two circuits. The design includes a vacuum booster and a pressure regulator. In case of a sharp decrease in brake fluid, the driver receives information about it through a special indicator. The front wheels are equipped with disc brakes, the rear - drum.

The interior is decorated with high-quality materials that serve for many years with intensive use. The driver interacts with the dashboard, which is equipped with the necessary sensors and indicators. The premium version of the car has an onboard computer running on Windows. Passenger seats are soft, trimmed with a cloth. During long trips, headrests and armrests are present for comfort.

The design has a modern look. Most experts emit the front part with beautiful light optics and a well-designed grille. Complement the look of large side mirrors. The back was more restrained. Flat rear door and vertical headlights - that's all that catches the eye. In 2008, was restyled, during which there were minor design changes.

How does the GAZ-22171 Sable go?

Owners consider high landing and good visibility to be the main operational advantages. Engine power provides good dynamics in the conditions of modern megacities. The car can be with passenger cars.

The newly minted owners have to get used to management for several days. The slightest movements of the steering wheel are reflected in the trajectory of movement, as the power steering is present in the device. Among the shortcomings note the weakness of the front shock absorbers (because of this, there is a rocking of the nose) and the stiffness of the rear springs (leads to a jump on the back of the bumps). In the conditions of Russian roads, this affects comfort.

Another quality GAZ-22171 shows on the ground and off-road. Thanks to all-wheel drive vehicles can be used as an SUV. The car participated in the rally "Silk Road", showing good results. A minivan is often used to pull cars stuck in mud. But do not get involved in off-road driving - a car can get stuck on a track left by trucks.

What can be concluded?

Minibus GAZ-22171 is a popular transport among Russian businessmen. It is characterized by low fuel consumption, high load capacity for its class and unpretentious maintenance. The first 100 thousand kilometers can pass without a major overhaul and serious damage. Repair work at a minimal cost. Prices for parts are much lower than foreign competitors. You can find them in any specialty store.

In economic terms, the minibus pays off in a short time. If you use it as a taxi, the costing takes 1-2 years. If you work in the courier service, it will take 6-9 months to pay back. Owners say a serious development of the resource after 200 thousand kilometers. The car starts to break down often, you have to invest in repairs and spare parts. Therefore, consumers recommend selling equipment after reaching the above mark.

Nowadays, you can buy GAZ-22171 in the cabin and in the secondary market. Buying from a dealer, the cost is 500 thousand rubles in the basic configuration. When installing the air conditioner, cruise control, locking differential and other additions, the price tag increases to 700-750 thousand. In the secondary market, the cost is 150-400 thousand rubles, depending on the year of production.

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