Russian TAKR 7001 unmanned system: intelligence and rescue

The other day, in the framework of the Army 20018 forum, the Aviation Systems research and production association showed the world a unique unmanned vehicle designed both for conducting reconnaissance and for searching people. Novelty called "TAKR 7001".

The unmanned complex includes two types of UAVs: aircraft and multirotor types. Onboard drone sensors can detect people over long distances. During the day this distance is 1, .5 km, at night - 1 km.

Now the unmanned complex passes test flight tests. In addition, it verifies the proper operation of data reception and transmission systems with the control point in conditions as close as possible to the combat ones.

The developers express the hope that their complex will be of interest to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the representative of Aviation Systems, the unmanned system is intended for optical-electronic reconnaissance of enemy forces and monitoring the terrain. In addition, he is able to adjust the fire of various weapons and control the camouflage of his troops.

The components of the TAKR 7001 complex complement each other functionally. The mass of the multi-rotor UAV is 5.1 kg, and the drone aircraft weighs about 65 kg. The complex can be airborne for a maximum of three hours.

It is controlled from the ground mobile point. In addition, there is a remote antenna post for coordinating control. The range of communication control and control is 15 km.

By the way, the developers have provided for such an important aspect as noise immunity. It is at a high level, and it will be very difficult for the enemy to knock down the drones, interrupting the signal from the control center to knock them down to the ground.

At the moment, there are final tests of UAVs. However, the date of their completion is kept secret.

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