The PRC and the Russian Federation have worked out a joint protection against the impact of cruise and ballistic missiles.

According to Interfax, the military of the two countries conducted a command and staff computerized exercise (CCSD) in Moscow to defend against a missile attack. Referring to the Office of the Press Service of the Ministry, the agency stated that during this exercise, the objectives were set to work out the actions of the anti-missile and air defense groups of the two countries to protect the territory from provocative and accidental attacks of cruise and ballistic missiles. The ministry said that the goals of these exercises have been fully achieved.

It should be noted that this joint exercise of the KKSU, called “Aerospace Safety 2018”, was held by both sides for the first time and took place within 6 days from May 23 at the Central Research Institute of Aerospace Defense of the Russian Defense Ministry. As noted in the ministry, this doctrine does not pose a threat to any of the countries and was held by the decision of the ministers heading the defense departments of Russia and China.

A source in the Ministry of Defense reportedly noted a range of tasks that had been worked out within the framework of this KKSU, namely: joint coordination of different approaches to the interaction of the parties, related to solving the missile defense tasks of the two countries, precise definition of the principles of engagement created by the ABM forces and Air defense of Russia and China, as well as the development of the main vectors of the future cooperation of the military of our countries in terms of joint defense against probable missile strikes.

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