Luxurious interior of the aircraft in the style of Art Deco for $ 80 million

Embraer Executive Jets creative team and brilliant designer Eddie Sotto released an exciting aircraft concept called Manhattan Airship. The interior of a private jet has been completely redesigned to transfer its passengers to another era. The interior of the Lineage 1000E has been beautifully reworked for this project, which is pushing the boundaries far beyond their borders, with an excellent Art Deco motif and many incredible updates.

Due to a length of 25 meters and a height of 2 meters, Lineage usually included five passenger areas, which in turn included a bedroom with a queen-size bed and a shower, but all had to be changed for the sake of a new concept.

In some parts of the cabin, the floor is made of wood, there is a beautiful cocktail bar with a no less cozy dining area, the interior is also decorated with dark wood panels and decorated with gold items. The cabin wall of the cabin displays a stunning metal mural depicting the skyline of Manhattan around 1930, and there is also a cozy living room inspired by the club on the roof inside the spire of the Manhattan Chrysler Building.

There is a bar with pull-out bar stools, vintage sconces and a sofa made of mohair and sheepskin under a loft-style window. A cinema with imitation of alabaster torches, surround sound and 4K video screens can also be experienced on board this aircraft. All this and not only cost the creators $ 80 million, and this is only for the interior.

Watch the video: Embraer Partners with Designer for $80 Million Aircraft Interior (December 2019).


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