Israeli military use dolphins to spy on Palestine

Relatively recently, Palestinian media reported that Israeli military structures were using trained dolphins to observe the teachings of an elite maritime unit belonging to Hamas. From the information received it became known that one dolphin was caught in the Mediterranean Sea near the Gaza Strip. This information aroused great interest among the entire world community. It would seem that this is not surprising: the military has long been teaching animals for espionage. However, the dolphin, on which the camera and weapons are fixed, has never been heard of.

Hamas representatives said that the dolphin was secured with weapons for throwing metal arrows, which could mortally wound a person. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the mammals were quickly caught and defused. Most likely, the main purpose of this unusual military project was to monitor information about the Hamas naval special forces training exercises being held near the Gaza Strip. Armament on the dolphin was present for unforeseen circumstances. It was possible to detect a mammal because its movement differed from the style of its fellows - this is what allowed us to suggest that the animal was trained.

Other similar cases

To be honest, this story seems quite fantastic, because these two countries are constantly exchanging the strangest accusations of surveillance. We already heard about spy animals in 2013, when a bird equipped with a satellite tracking system created in Israel was caught in Turkey. And the Egyptian leadership still claims that the shark, which attacked several times having a rest in 2010, was Israel’s project to undermine tourism activities in the region.

The training of dolphins military structures have been interested, since the 60s of the last century. In the United States of America there is still a separate unit that deals with such issues. Specially trained animals guard key military targets, preventing enemy underwater penetration.

Watch the video: Is Israel Using Dolphins to Spy on Hamas? (February 2020).