Along the coast of Syria, the newest Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich is in distress

According to official data obtained from a source in the CHVMF ship successfully arrived to the shores of the Syrian Arab Republic. Information on the event of the launch was completely refuted.

Earlier it was reported that the ship got a serious hole during a collision with a Russian launch carrying fuel oil. Only by luck, the launch did not explode, although a fire occurred on it. The hole that the frigate received has a small size, but is in a very inconvenient place, so for the time being it cannot be repaired. Pumps are constantly working on the tide of the incoming water, but by the night the situation may worsen.

Victims were also reported. According to sources, they were two sailors who were at the time of the collision on the longboat.

We continue to monitor the situation, and we will keep our readers informed of further developments.

Recall, "Admiral Grigorovich" is a patrol ship (frigate), it is considered one of the most combat-capable ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. This is the lead ship of the project 11356, it was launched in March 2014. Among other things, the Admiral Grigorovich is armed with Caliber-NK cruise missiles. After the onset of the exacerbation of the situation in Syria, this ship was sent to the Mediterranean Sea, where he joined the group of the Russian Navy.

Watch the video: New warship "Admiral Essen" joins Russian Black Sea fleet (October 2019).


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